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What to get your boyfriend for your one year anniversary


Well next month it will be my boyfriend's and I one year anniversary! I have no idea what to surprise or give him, any ideas ladies?

Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts

Some ideas for 1st anniversary gifts: If he was wearing a certain aftershave or scent the first time you went on a date if you know what it was - maybe get him that? Or handmade cookies or chocolates could be nice: Hope this helps a bit xoxoxo.

For our first anniversary i bought my boyfriend an awesome surfy necklace and he loves it still and now we have been together almost 3 and a half years. I'm kind of stumped on what to get so I think I might get his ring engraved. I cant remember what gifts we exchanged.

We did go for a lovely meal in Darling Harbour though. Gifts can be a little forgettable but I think doing something special together makes memories that last a whole lot longer.

Dont forget also that if you get something big and flashy this year, you'll have to try and out do yourself next year.

Pace yourself Kay n Jay. Whatever you decide, I hope its a lovely anniversary and congrats to you both! Thank you Meag, ah my boyfriend is already giving me hints so i already know i need to do something big for him!

I left little personalised notes on post-its throughout the book, and he loved it! I know this question was from aaaggees ago, but I still think an answer can be given just in case others out there are having trouble.

I know when it came to What to get your boyfriend for your one year anniversary our anniversary we've been dating for over 2 years nowI had noooo idea what to get him. Honestly, it's all about the thought. I also remembered something about how his parents love tea, so I got him a small packet of the tea my dad is obsessed with.

I got him a really nice, black book with thick, beautiful paper for him to draw in, as well as a really lovely black pen because he likes to draw, and I don't really remember the other things I got him because as I mentioned, it was a while ago.

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He got my a cute little bracelet, made a rose out of oragami paper because i told him i'd kill him if he got me an actual rose because it makes me extremely sad when they dieand wrote me a cute letter which I still have.

Basically, just get them something that reflects who they are, or something that's special to the two of you. It doesn't matter how nice the present is or how much you spend on it, as long as it's thoughtful and it's from you which is the most important part, because he's in love with YOUhe'll love it!

Again I know this is from 10 years ago but for anyone who will see this now like I did! For my 1 year, both my boyfriend and I are super into music, so I made him a mix tape of songs that have special meaning to the both of us! I had wanted to try the Olay regenerist miracle boost serum after a friend had been telling me about how well it worked for her.

I received the Nu Skin moisture mist ml and a smaller empty travel size container What to get your boyfriend for your one year anniversary part of BH Discovery bag.

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Well next month it will...

What did you get your boyfriend on your 1st Year Anniversary? KaynJay 3 Nov 2: Whaee 3 Nov 3: Gabzilla 3 Nov 9: KaynJay 6 Nov 7: Atomicbazza 6 Nov 8: Beauty Puff 6 Nov KaynJay 7 Nov 7: Aw that's sweet Eskimo, where can you be able to purchase a engraved ring?

Meaghan 7 Nov KaynJay 8 Nov 3: Beauty Puff 8 Nov 3: That's great Eskimo, i was just looking at a site for engraved rings too lol. Laurennz 8 Nov 4: Also if anyone has any ideas for a 2 year anniversary present any would be much appreciated xx. You need to log in or become a member to post a comment.

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