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What does wink wink mean in texting


It depends on the nature of your relationship and the context of the time.

If something was said that could be made suggestive and he winks, it is suggestive. If something was silly and he winks it was probably just silly.

It also depends on the guy. I use winks generally to show I'm interested or to be flirty. Some guys are emote whores that don't know when to not use them so they use them all the time just to be safe. You could try flirting with him if you like him to see if you get any kind of response.

What does the winking kissy...

If not then don't worry about it. Wink can be used as verb or as noun and for both its meaning changes. So this means I do it with friends and with guys I like, it's just hard to tell with winks. You really have to pay attention to how that person is acting toward others i.

Use them wisely 😉

Do you have any friends that he texts too Yeah I'd say it's pretty flirty to always do that through text. But it could also just be his personality, cause one of my friends is always happy so she usually puts: I winked at a guy while I was working this weekend actually You just have to roll with it and use your best judgment given the context of the wink to determine the meaning.

What does a wink mean?

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