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What does a turbo charger hook up to


At the heart of the turbocharger are the turbine and compressor which rotate together on the same shaft. The turbine is housed in and driven by the exhaust stream. It turns the compressor which pumps air into the engine. Critical attention is needed to the design of the centrally mounted bearing, because the turbine, compressor and shaft can rotate at speeds of up to ,rpm. There are two main ways to get more power from a car's engine. The first and until recently the most popular is to increase the capacity of the engine.

A turbocharger is basically a pump driven by the exhaust gases passing out of What does a turbo charger hook up to exhaust manifold. The unit consists of a wheel with vanes - the turbine - that fits inside a housing in the exhaust system. From this turbine a "What does a turbo charger hook up to" central drive shaft runs to a similar vaned wheel called the compressor that feeds into the engine's air intake.

So, when the engine is running, the exhaust gases drive the turbine which makes the compressor pump air into the engine. A fixed amount of fuel is automatically sucked in with the air if the engine has a carburettor. If the engine has fuel injectionthe computer control unit is programmed to suit the boost pressures. The faster the engine is running, or the larger the throttle opening or both, the faster the turbocharger will spin.

The faster the turbo spins, the more pressure, or boost it develops and the more air it forces into the engine to create more power. When the engine is idling it does not generate enough exhaust flow to spin the turbo fast enough to produce any real boost. The air passing through the compressor side of the turbo housing is being sucked through by the engine, rather than pumped through by the compressor.

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