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What do guys notice first about a girl


Honestly, it depends on the woman. Some women, it's the eyes. Miss Brown eyes was nicknamed obviously because of her eyes. I look at her eyes, and it's like a tractor beam. There's a woman friend where a guy would probably notice the body first. When I got to know her better, I realized that she had a really great laugh.

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From a guy's perspective, it'd be really endearing, and I could totally see a guy falling for her because of her laugh. There's another woman I'm interested in. One of my friends said "a guy would have to be gay not to find her attractive She doesn't come off as a fake, though I wonder if it's too good to be true kind of thing.

So it's a bit of everything with her. There's two women I see through work, and honestly, I think they are the two most stylish women I know. They're cute, but I wouldn't particularly notice them - except their sense of style makes them look great.

Last girl I dated, we were platonic friends first. Honestly, I didn't think of her as an option - her sense of humor wasn't like mine, we didn't like the same things.

But she showed, at first at least, that she was a person I could be honest with and she wouldn't get angry if I didn't agree with her I was wrong on that part, by the way, but that What do guys notice first about a girl what was attractive - she also has a heart for dealing with people who aren't feeling well.

That part of her personality was and still is really attractive to a guy like me. I became more attracted to her as the relationship progressed as I got to know her better. I like somewhat modest clothing that is also really attractive and still makes her sexy. The smile, the perfect smile always gets me, then the eyes and then the body. I know many people won't believe me that the body is the last thing that I look at it but it's the truth.

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I love a girl's smile, it truly brightens my day and makes me smile likewise. Then the eyes, I can tell so much by the eyes, the intention, the interest level, the passion. The eyes tell so much more emotion then people think. That all comes right after I notice her smile, I have never been with a bigger girl.

I know everyone suddenly goes OMG you hate fat people. No I don't I just prefer to date them. I think it's all that TV that has programed me not to like it, I'm not sure.

But I like toned fit girls, no not raging 6-pack but a girl who keeps herself in shape. I also love a girls ass but that really is the like the 4th thing on my list not gonna lie. I prefer a girls ass over breasts. It looks at the person's figure or the person's face, just whatever my eyes happen to be looking at it's pretty random.

And then if it likes the little bit that it sees, like defined cheekbones or nice lips, great hair, good stomach or jeans huggin the booty in all the right ways, there's like a little signal in my head that sorta goes "hang on keep looking at this one, we'll see where this is going". And then my brain looks over the rest of the body and just kinda evaluates. But I mean that's when I'm passing by someone on the street. If I see a person go from a totally straight face and then break out into a What do guys notice first about a girl warm smile, it's like someone showing their vulnerability, just letting a little bit of their personality go out.

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My first impression comes from a woman's body language. Other factors can then override this first impression, but it gets set in place first and colors everything that follows. Someone with pretty body language, is pretty. Someone with sexy body language, is sexy. And someone with "I'm not very attractive" body language, isn't very attractive, regardless of whatever positive features she may have. Next I check out her face as a whole; the specific elements like eyes or lips are totally case-by-caseand then facial expression is the final key that I look for when deciding whether I'm really interested, or just looking.

What do guys notice first about a girl want someone who looks like she's "nice" in one way or another. As long as she looks like she might be interested in talking with me should I choose to approach, then we're good to go.

On the other hand if she's looking totally standoffish, like "Go ahead, impress me," then it may not seem worth the effort, and I'll probably move on. Someone with a bland "I'm sleepwalking my way through life" expression can easily cancel out any other appeal she may have had. I hope you can take this Over time these are the things I notice and appreciate in order: Clothes wise, doesn't really matter. For me it's her style.

Sure girls can be physically attractive, but if they have no sense of style then it's over before it begins. I don't necessarily mean style that I prefer, I What do guys notice first about a girl style that intrigues me.

Just something that attracts me i. That's what gets me all the time. Oh gosh, well lets see. Curvy girls are nice Well its always attraction first with anyone!

It depends on what you wear with who you attract! Men are visual creatures and they treat a girl on what she puts herself out as!

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