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Is my week with marilyn a true story yahoo dating


She made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 18 May Symons departed on 23 Julybut she returned on 5 June and stayed for four years, making her last appearance on 1 October She made a brief return from 31 August to 4 September Marilyn's storylines have included being married twice, suffering from post-natal depression, losing her son and developing cancer.

She has been described as bubbly, ditzy and sweet. Init was announced that Symons would be returning to Home and Away and Marilyn returned on 19 March Symons took maternity leave from the show in and returned on 20 June Dannii Minogue originally auditioned for the role of Marilyn, before she was given the role of Emma Jacksonand Emily Symons was cast instead.

Now I'm glad they didn't. Marilyn is described as the "ditzy chick-next-door" who has a heart of gold, but lacked a "bit of common sense". In her mind that's how a lady of her age would dress — she thinks it's absolutely normal and is proud of her style, although Colleen definitely disapproves! She explained that Marilyn would not be Marilyn and a makeover would not be "true to the character.

Symons described the Marilyn as "still the bubbly, positive, energetic and slightly bonkers '80s chick, but more spiritual". She is a psychic, who helped Marilyn deal with her grief over Byron and her recovery from cancer.

Marilyn goes through "a tough time" when it comes to relationships until she meets Phil Bryant Vince Martina "no-nonsense Is my week with marilyn a true story yahoo dating bloke". When he almost collides with Marilyn and crashes his car, he is forced to stay in the area longer than planned. His maturity and her enthusiasm for life will make a nice balance.

Besides, Marilyn's had her heart broken too often. They are married and leave the Bay to start a new life together.

While making The Prince and...

He added "On top of that, they've only known each other for a few weeks when they decide to marry. But if their love is strong enough, they'll make a go of it. One of Marilyn's most important story arcs saw her begin an unlikely relationship with Donald Fisher Norman Coburn. When Marilyn decides to go back to school as a mature student to get her HSCshe and headmaster Donald grow close.

Years later when she returns to Summer Bay the friendship continues and, to the shock of the local residents, they begin a romance. Symons had to wear a fatsuit for the storyline and she told Inside Soap that it made her sympathetic to real mums-to-be.

Symons explained the situation, "All of a sudden Marilyn doubles up in pain and realises that the baby is coming. It's all terribly dramatic it's down to Vinnie to try to get her to the hospital in time. At the hospital, complications develop and put the baby's life in danger, so the doctors decide to put Marilyn under anaesthetic and perform a caesarean. The baby, a boy, is delivered safely, but when he is handed to Marilyn she does not understand why she was not awake for his birth.

Symons said that Marilyn discovers that being a mother is hard work and the situation will put pressure on Marilyn and Donald. She lets Donald go back to Australia alone. Init was announced that Symons would be returning to Home and Away as a permanent cast member. In meetings with scriptwriters, Symons made sure that they paid respect to her character's past, particularly the storyline where she lost Byron.

Is my week with marilyn a true story yahoo dating

She's doing it out of love, but she doesn't realise she's becoming obsessed with the baby. She's scared of losing the baby, which could happen because there isn't a legal agreement. Symons added that there is "still a long way to go" with the arrangement. Symons later revealed that Nicole struggles to switch off her mothering instinct after giving George away.

Symons called the scenes "volatile. Of the breastfeeding moment, Symons said "Marilyn is shocked and offended, and this cuts to the very core of her worries - that she doesn't have the same natural mothering instincts as George's birth mother.

Without a doubt, Marilyn thinks Nicole is overstepping the mark. She feels that a boundary has been overstepped and it could put a big strain on their relationship. What she does next is out of character for her and very irresponsible. It will definitely shock viewers.

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