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Heterosexuality does not exist


Kristen Stewart has been open about her bisexuality Lead author Rich Savin-Williams suggests that sexuality exists on a spectrum and that younger generations are more open to the idea of fluid sexuality than older adults.

Both male and female volunteers were asked to watch porn involving men or women as part of the research. Dr Savin-Williams Heterosexuality does not exist that cultural expectations of sexuality need to change in order for people to be more comfortable with who they are attracted to. Both male and female volunteers were asked to watch porn involving men or women to see what turned them on.

But heterosexuality has not always...

As a result, researchers routinely eliminated bisexual individuals from research samples. The smallest group is those that are exclusively attracted to the same sex. But other research has found that being gay is written in your DNA.

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US researchers from NorthShore University in Illinois found sections of genes that may influence whether a man is gay or straight.

They scanned the DNA of 1, gay and 1, straight men and found two distinct areas of genes they believe play a part in male sexual orientation. Rich Savin-Williams has written a book, Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men that follows on Heterosexuality does not exist the research.

So where does the term...

This article originally appeared on The Sun. Miley Cyrus reveals more than just skin in her latest magazine spread.

So where does the term...

The singer admits she's open to all kinds of love. Log in No account?

Sign up Log out news. The Sun March 15, 9: Experts measured how much their pupils dilated — a sign of sexual arousal.

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