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Dating with acne reddit


Retail workers, professionals, people at bars. Previously I could say something actually insightful or funny and just get ignored. People respond to me better. Everybody comes up to me to talk to me. Girls look all the time. It just builds up even more confidence. It really worries me that so much of how people interact and treat people is Dating with acne reddit on looks. This makes me feel a little bit ashamed. My life changed completely. Lost 70lbs and cut a foot of my hair off my sophomore year of college.

People started treating, looking, talking and hitting on me differently. I was that kid who always got picked on and had little to no friends. However, this is not the case anymore. Lost a few friends due to their shallowness towards me after Dating with acne reddit.

Also gain some friends with Dating with acne reddit people starting to talk to me. Took me some time to feel comfortable with this change. I now learned to channel my looks for the greater good. Here is a before and after pictures: Here is another before pic. Me without glasses and in color. I lost a ton of weight: But my confidence and self image is so fucked because of relentless teasing.

That was an even bigger blow and that happened just in the past few months. Also, when people stopped flicking my double chin for fun, that was a great day. First of all, I get hit on a heck of a lot more now, mostly because I am more confident in public. In private, I still rip myself apart in front of the mirror. People are nicer to me — both men and women. I run a LOT faster and doing general things walking up the subway steps, carrying things is a lot easier.

Actually, even my family is nicer to me now. Because this girl is really hot, too. I was on a trip to Chicago over the weekend and the place I stayed had a Cardio room so I went up to run on the treadmill a bit. I just need to learn to smile at them more better. I was pretty homely until high school. Chubby with shitty curly hair and not at all popular among my classmates. I started hanging out with cooler kids and dressing better in junior high, even had a couple girlfriends not at the same time, quit looking at me like that.

After my freshman year in high school my family moved us across town, and to a new school. The girls at the new school were lining up to give me their phone number and Dating with acne reddit me out.

I used to have terrible...

He was less surprised by all of the attention, but still overwhelmed like I was. Two of my ex-girlfriends saw me, went to their next class, and came back out with notes they had written telling me they wanted me back.

I felt like the Ugly Duckling becoming a handsome swan. Who am I to argue with the prettiest woman alive? The friend zone exists by the way due to "Dating with acne reddit" of confidence. This is very generic, but fake it until you make it. When you believe in yourself, so do others. I dropped the weight, my confidence peaked, I got an incredibly kind and beautiful girlfriend.

Does everyone seem shallow? I grew my hair out real long and played videogames mostly WoW through high school and some of college. I now go to the gym, care about how I dress, and all that jazz.

Now, I just treat everyone male and female like a person and shit just comes easier, thus not having to give as many fucks for the same result. I highly recommend going to the gym to anyone who has self confidence issues, just educate yourself beforehand, please.

I never had guy attention and shallow girls love to keep you fat because it makes them feel Dating with acne reddit about themselves.

gamer dating reddit. Hello fellow...

Life became completely different. Everyone was nicer suddenly. Everyone wanted to be my friend. Everyone wanted to help me with something.

Are you fucking joking? In the time I was ignored I developed a personality and character rather than rely on my good looks. I love that I became who I am by my skills and interests rather than my looks and attention. I was fugly enough to be among the half dozen or so outcasts at my school. My unsightlyness made it impossible for me to even ride the bus.

Scrawny, oversized head, crooked teeth, plastered in acne, swollen lips, hand-me-down clothes, and a bad home haircut kept me in lowly status from 7th grade until high school graduation. Then after an Accutane ordeal, the acne began to dissolve. Dating with acne reddit got my braces off. Then I joined the military and got in shape, and finally able to build muscle in my early 20s. After completing my firefighting degree, Dating with acne reddit went to visit a friend in my hometown and ran into a few people I went to school with.

They sort of recognized me but were in disbelief. I got a lot of satisfaction by utterly ignoring a girl who was attempting to flirt with me since she was a cold-hearted bitch in high school.

TL;DR Life is better overall. And yes, people are effin shallow. I have a horse face that sometimes looks all right Dating with acne reddit certain angles. But when I was thinner, I was treated as though I was a failure because I fell just outside of the common standards of beauty. As a fatter woman now, I exist outside of that. So far outside of that i may as well not exist at all.

TL;DR — almost pretty girls and not pretty at all girls both take a lot of shit based on their appearance and I kind of prefer the lack of pressure that comes with existing further from the epicenter of what society considers hot.

The biggest change is everything else. You notice girls pay you more attention, people compliment you, but you maintain the same mentality, you still see yourself the old way.

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