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Dating someone with dpd

I guess that when we...

One of the first things for you to figure out is in which ways you think you are codependent. Codependency is the excessive psychological or emotional reliance on your partner.

It can give you a very good feeling to know that your partner needs your approval and reassurance all the time. Also, it may give you a good feeling that you usually get your way.

When your partner has DPDhe or she needs a lot of approval and reassurance, is afraid of Dating someone with dpd support, of being rejected or abandoned. In which ways do these fears and needs show in your daily interaction?

How do you behave or respond to get things done? Some people use hints to make their partner do things for them.

When your partner has DPDthis is an effective strategy to get your partner moving. Here are some examples to recognize codependency:.

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