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Curve game meme dating ghosting meaning of love


Is it cool to just go ghost on someone you just kicking it without any explanation? Well, after the latest episode of "Insecure," Black Twitter is like, "Hell to no! You had one job. Anxiety and being ghosted are a shitty ass combination. We can all relate to the Issa and Nathan situation. You finally start to like a guy and let your guard down. If you got ghosted, you deserve it! As a serial ghoster Waiting on a call or text back is literally the worst Dang Issa stop exposing us!

In case you're completely lost on exactly what "ghosting" is, Urban Dictionary's top definition of the millennial coined term: To avoid someone until they get the picture and stop contacting you. But we really want to know is, why all the dodging in the first place? These 11 guys share their ghostly tales of why they chose to vanish like a thief in the night to help solve this mystery with Nathan.

I met this girl who was working in another department at the Curve game meme dating ghosting meaning of love I was interning. We met my first day there, and she mad cool. The first week, we hung out, and it was dope. So we did this for like two months. She knew I was leaving to go back to Miami a month later.

She introduced me to her folks.

Discussed my career plans and all. So my last night there, it did happen like Nate and Issa. We chilling one night talking, and she was saying she was willing to move to Miami since I was planning on working here after graduation.

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So when I left to head back home. I changed my number because she kept blowing me up.

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We had sex a week before her birthday, and I had promised to take her out the following week to a concert and dinner. I ghosted two days before her birthday and went M. I un-ghosted myself to apologize, and she was willing to try again. Instead of doing the same thing, I just told her from the jump that inconsistent is my middle name. She was looking good and just left the gym. "Curve game meme dating ghosting meaning of love" exchanged numbers and chopped it up on the phone and through text.

Like six nights later, we met up and basically had sex. So I was walking in the mall two days later saw her with some of her friends, and she was hood and loud with these other immature girls.

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In the food court like teenagers. She didn't see me, but I went ghost because clearly, she was a whole different person I saw. I ain't un-ghost myself yet because she probably likes to fight.

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