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Are you gay if you sleep with a transsexual


In that time we consummated i. People give me weird looks when I tell them that, and I guess for a lot of people for whom fucking is the end and all and be all or at least a good 90 percent of sex, that makes sense. A lot of our sexual experiences revolved around our adolescent- or college-aged fantasies we both had played NCAA sports in college and was definitely more mental than anything else.

Our intense friendship which begat the relationship, and physical similarities, added to an intense attraction and love that stays with me to this day.

But alas, unlike Goldie Locks, we couldn't find "just right" and he proved too big for what I was comfortable with. My next two relationships I was the top in, and involved more fucking, but also led to what I thought was a funny sort of role play in my own life.

My memories of nights at the Lure are highly titillating, yet at the time, they required copious amount of beer drinking to get to the point I felt even vaguely comfortable talking to, let alone participating in anything with, some of the guys.

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