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What the fuck is snapchat

What the hell is Snapchat?...

SNAPCHAT is a popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which will self-destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them. How is Snapchat different than any other platform? Here are a few photos that will explain the various icons you will see on the screen.

As Snapchat's grown, the app's...

An image or video sent to another individual. A feature that lets you directly message friends privately. Snaps disappear, so when you tap a name, pay attention or you will miss the message. If you hold your finger on the name you will get a brief profile overview instead of the message. If you want to take a screenshot, you can but know that the recipient will be notified.

You What the fuck is snapchat get one What the fuck is snapchat daily replay on snaps to view it again if you need it and can also purchase additional replays by pressing and hold on a snap you just viewed. Slide to the right — Chat with the person Double tap a name — Snapchat reply to a person Hold on their name — both options will appear. A snap you can broadcast to followers that can be viewed an unlimited amount of times in 24 hours.

Using any image or video taken, tap the story icon from the preview screen square with a plus sign.

You can add to your story constantly, but the snippet will drop off after it expires.

Your followers will be able to view it an unlimited number of times in one day. You will also be able to see who has viewed your story. You can view stories by tapping the three-line icon bottom right on the camera screen.

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What the fuck is snapchat can apply to an image by swiping left or right Geofilter: A filter only available based on your physical location. A geographic boundary based on your location. Filters can be engaged very simply. If you take a video, other options will appear such as fast forward or reverse. Based on your physical locationSnapchat also has what are called Geofilters, these are filters that can be added as an overlay onto an image.

There are personal and business geo-filters. Essentially you create a graphic, identify a geospace on a map that it will be available for a user to use, and as individuals enter into that physical space they can add that filter to their Snapchat.

You might submit a personal geofilter to celebrate a birthday or graduation, for example. Two years ago, Snapchat provided a lot of unique ways to interact with your contacts. To use HERE, you will notice that the camera button will turn from yellow to blue which means your friend is available to video chat. Press and hold the blue camera in order to immediately broadcast live video and audio of yourself to your friend.

Video chat works when your camera is facing toward you or even away. Warning, if you have a sense of humor and get distracted easily, they are completely highly What the fuck is snapchat. This action will activate a feature called lenses. These lenses are able to distort your expression or physical attributes. Select one and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you need more lenses, you can swipe to the left or even purchase additional ones. I took a look at a number of articles when drafting this blogpost, what was fascinating to me was the comments from the extremely crabby to someone who was a bit more thoughtful in their response … What side do you fall on? I was brought here after hearing Gary Vaynerchuk talk about Snapchat. But now I am really pissed off "What the fuck is snapchat" I wasted my time. Seems like way too much information on something that is totally useless.

Those quotes made me howl, it reminded me of my first thoughts when text messaging first hit the stage. Here is a bit more thoughtful feedback on Snapchat from someone called cyrusmagnus on Disqus. The image only lasts 10 seconds? But your memory will hold onto it for as long as its relevant!

We are moving from static information to dynamic information. At first glance, Snapchat could certainly be seen as silly, trivial, immature, and a huge time waster but there are some positive attributes that are worth taking advantage of. Snapchat allows businesses to purchase sponsored lenses which turn your selfies into Ads.

So last time I used...

While the filter was not for me, you better believe there are thousands of Deadpool fans that added it to their story, shared it with their friends and downloaded it for use on other social networks. Snapchat allows businesses, people, organizations to create their own image and apply it to a geofence.

When driving through certain local areas, I have been provided the opportunity to add a geographical filter on top of my image. If I were a business or a non-profit this would be something I would monitor and take advantage of.

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