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Dating with no money as a man


Do it for love or for money?

These days, it's men who...

While the two qualities are not always mutually exclusive, we are living in an era where women, for the first time, are surpassing men in many aspects of life. There are 10 percent more young women than young men going to college each yearand while the average pay of a woman is still lower than her male counterpart, there have never been so many power women at the top of their Dating with no money as a man industries.

As a matchmaker and dating expert in Beverly Hills, I see this reality each day, and it is often a struggle for these career-oriented women to date. They wrestle with the million-dollar question:. In order for a man to be ready for a relationship, he needs to be in a great place within his career. If a man is not settled and satisfied in his career, he cannot even begin to think about a serious relationship.

But a meaningful, long-term relationship? Men are creatures who live their lives in a compartmentalized fashion.

My girlfriend and I have...

Think of a man as an unfinished house. The foundation has been built, and he is working on building the first floor. Yes, he has thought about the upstairs and mapped out the six bedrooms, lounge and office I am in Beverly Hills, darling!

Further, what if the man...

Maybe he will go up there to have a beer or tinker around a bit, but even if he begins to build up and decorate the upstairs rooms, he will eventually have to go back downstairs and finish what he started. Maybe he has just got a promotion at his finance job?

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