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How does hearthstone casual matchmaking work


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Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Heroes of Warcraft How does casual match making work? Casual has a hidden Matchmaking Rating that is completely separate from ranked Matchmaking.

But honestly, there is a lot of issues with casual because people can just mass surrender and be matched up with completely new players and crush them.

The "matching" of opponents doesn't...

What if I want to try out new decks, and then get crushed if I faced a similar rated player using their main deck. I think the match making should focus on deck strength more than anything. What do you mean? You're saying you want to get crushed, or you're complaining that that'll happen?

If it's the latter, you're not understanding the concept. If you only use casual to practice decks that you're bad with, then you'll presumably have an MMR lower than your skill with your main deck would merit and therefore be playing against worse opponents.

So basically communists are druids. What are you talking about? Would I be put against people that only have basic cards No legendaries Wouldn't my MMR be potentially so low then I am going to be facing people that just started out into the game? But why would you want to do that.

And if you say "farm gold faster", you should probably find a different hobby. I am asking if that "could" happen with the current casual match making system. You won't actually experience that too much unless you intentionally concede a lot off the start as well, because you don't start at the lowest MMR.

If you really want to play against people at roughly an equal level to you, though.

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I'd recommend playing ranked except for the first week of every month. It does a better job of matching you up based on your skill, since tanking yourself gold farming is more common in casual than it is in ranked. Realistically, you're going to end up playing against people with stronger decks than you when you start out, but it's not that common an issue.

There are plenty of f2p decks out there that have been used to climb to legendary, so if you're struggling I"d recommend looking into one of them. More topics from this board Ticket Scalper and Heavy Metal! Keep me logged in on this device.

Tavern Brawl MMR does not...

Forgot your username or password? Terrorknight3 Terrorknight3 4 years ago 1 I know that ranked play probably matches opponent around you rank, but what about casual? What do the system go by? Dartkun Dartkun 4 years ago 3 Casual has a hidden Matchmaking Rating that is completely separate from ranked Matchmaking.

Terrorknight3 Terrorknight3 Topic Creator 4 years ago 4 Dartkun posted Terrorknight3 Terrorknight3 Topic Creator 4 years ago 6 bstbll posted How do I get rid of the celebrate the players quest? Have u spend any real money on Hearthstone? Two new card reveals. I've recently heard that Casual mode uses a matchmaking system, and I'd like to "How does hearthstone casual matchmaking work" more details about it. All this time, I felt as though I was. For Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message Casual has a hidden Matchmaking Rating that is completely separate.

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