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What are lithuanian men like


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Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Start new discussion Reply. So I'm thinking of asking a guy I like out but I'm not really sure how to go about it and was looking for advice.

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Also, he's lithuanian I'm british so I was wondering if anyone knew, generally speaking, what lithuanian guys are like when it comes to relationships? I know everyone is different but I wondered if there was a general 'trend'? I'm just rather nervous and looking for advice, to be honest! Follow 2 I don't think Lithuanian guys are that different to other Europeans? Xscape Follow 2 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Xscape.

Follow 3 Follow 4 Original post by Xscape Actually, OP has the right to concern. "What are lithuanian men like" that higher constant rate can sometimes lead to them being more 'choosy' with the female they wish to have a relationship with intercourse.

From what I noticed when...

Follow 5 I am friends with quite a few Eastern Europeans including Lithuanian guys. I wouldn't say they are much different when it comes to relationships. Follow 6 I date a Lithuanian for months now! But every body is different, every body likes different people. I'm also British too!

I've only met one Lithuanian but he is very lovely! He can be a little angry some times or moody but don't we all! He was easy to get too! As for his parents, are very strict!!

Ferrus Follow 2 followers 17 badges Send a private message to Ferrus. Follow 7 They can be very well equipped. What are lithuanian men like 9 Follow 10 There's no general pattern.

Follow 11 Follow 12 They have the highest suicide rate in Europe. Don't know if that's relevant, but I'm just putting it out there. Follow 13 Lithuanian men are very attractive, not so much on photo, they aren't photogenic but reality they are hot, but they are also very two faced.

What are lithuanian men like I know from experience. Follow 14 I've been working with guy at work and I'm Britishwe have only just started talking and i think he's really nice and hot too. I'm just not sure how to let him know I like him as hes normallly very quiet. Smiles84 Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Smiles Follow 15 Lithuanian men that I have met like to drink - a lot and like to sleep around. They seem quite materialistic -they love cars.

They are proud people and care a lot about their appearance and they don't talk about their feelings much. They don't open up.

They do sarcasm though. I dated one once and he 'moved on' very quickly after being with me which was upsetting. He was of course a handsome man and I fell for them good looks and muscles. Follow 16 Who are these last two nutters that googled Lithuanian men, found a thread on The Student Room, signed up just to post and will likely now never post on the forum again???

Some people are so odd. Follow 17 Well isn't that what discussion boards like this are for to talk about anything and everything? I'm merely expressing my opinion about lithuanian men to help other women understand what they can be like.

"What are lithuanian men like" didn't mention many positives in my last post actually so that wasn't so good on my part. But lithuanian guys do have some good qualities too. Its just my experience of them hasn't been great. Dickhead Follow 1 follower 0 badges Send a private message to Dickhead Follow 18 Original post by Anonymous So I'm thinking of asking a guy I like out but I'm not really sure how to go about it and was looking for advice.

Follow 19 If you want any advice, let me know. How did it turn out anyway?

Exert caution when dating Lithuanian...

Original post by mandyx I've been working with guy at work and I'm Britishwe have only just started talking and i think he's really nice and hot too. This forum is supported by: Having sex for the first time.

Most of Lithuanian men are...

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Nah, What are lithuanian men like Friday is pointless. I don't have an opinion.

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