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What body type do guys like poll


Flat stomachs are quite hard for women to acheive - unless they're strict athletes, girls normally have a little tummy.

I think it's cute! As long as it's not obviously overweight or obese, I like a tiny pooch.

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Yes, even in a bikini. It's what makes girls girls - soft and curvy. I have a naturally flat stomach and I'm the laziest person ever. Although I have a naturally athletic build, and have a low body fat percentage. For the last 10 million years women have had flat tummies.

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The fact that you don't means that you and 's of millions of other women have been poisoned by Biphenol A, a xenoestrogen and endocrine disruptor. You know how it's the current fashion to carry around your own stainless steel water bottle instead of drinking from disposable plastic? That's because the plastic bottles leech Bisphenol A into your water which causes your ovaries to go crazy and manufacture testosterone, that's what causes the weight to gain on your belly instead of on your hips.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is clueless and hasn't done their research. If you want to have a flat, female tummy, then you have to avoid absorbing Bisphenol A. That means no food from plastic "What body type do guys like poll" or plastic lined cans, no eating food that's been microwaved in plastic, no wearing clothes that have been treated with dryer sheet fabric softeners, no touching thermal cash register paper or fax paper, no plug in air fresheners, and no cheap sun screen lotions on your skin.

Where your fat is stored on your body is only one effect, there are dozens of physical and mental effects caused by ingesting Bisphenol A, all of them are bad.

Your answer doesn't have anything to do with my question- besides you are mistaken. I say my tummy is fat when it's NOT flat, in other terms when it's a bit bloated.

D no water in plastic bottles. What that guy commented sounds like crap out of a hoax site. Besides we have body-types, where fat distributes itself differently. Apple, pear, hour-glass etc. Most MEN get fat in their tummies.

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You should check it out too. Many people have IBS. Environmental Working Group https: Note the term What body type do guys like poll androgen production" - that means ovaries that spill testosterone like the gulf spilled oil. Some of what he says have merit. I am a proponant of the avoidance of certain chemicals in objects meant to be containers for foodstuffs. Most of these chemicals are a direct result of the whole craze of having everything manufactured in China, where regulations are not enforced.

Even in the west, there may be issues with manufacturing practices, but are more often quickly recalled or corrected. I don't think it is a hoax, but more an overanalytical explaination I did my own research and I have been avoiding plastic bottles for a week now I'm sorry I thought your comment was crap. I don't really know much about the whole Biphenol A thing, but it doesn't exactly sound legit. So I think it's not a new thing A flat tummy is nice but it's nothing to drool over.

From the sound of it you have a flat tummy but like most women you view it differently. Now if you just want to tighten up your mid section which would get rid of the "bit around your tummy" What body type do guys like poll your not happy with is do some abd workouts.

Now you only weight lbs so I don't really see a flab to loose anyway and too have a c-cup and be the weight you are it sounds like you have a great body. I like ass's more though.

Guys love my bum as well, I got a tattoo on my coccys of the "Sol De Mayo" recently so whenever a guy takes me from behind can see the sun almost shining out of my ass LOL.

I'll post other Qs soon regarding sextoys, and intimidation women who intimidate men. Thanks guys, great answers so far! I like petite girls as I'm only 1m74 myself. I like it when I don't actually see a girls ribs yet not that she has a gut, the golden in between! Hey, Personally what I find more attractive is a nice hourglass shape in a girl.

I am only 2cm taller than you. I figure, I prefer women that are cm or shorter.

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