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Can guys hook up with no feelings

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Is it possible for a men to have continuously sex with woman and not to feel attached at all I am extremelly attracted to a 44yo men but we live in diferent countries, every 2 months we meet eachother because of our business and we have incredible sex Today he told me he is not emotionally involved is it possible for guys to continuously have sex with someone and not to feel any emotion and feeling?

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I'm taking the "biological" route. I "Can guys hook up with no feelings" there are men that need an emotional connection - but still can "compartmentalize" sex and love. My last FWB was He was married to an abusive witch for over 10 years. She was abused as a child and had an alcoholic dad. She was frigid and cut off sex. She was also emotionally abusive to him. He would bring me flowers, we'd go out like two people who were dating i.

Upon divorcing her, he said he didn't want to be tied down with anyone and he left the state to pretty much start anew. It hurt me because yea, I got emotionally connected - especially when we did all those things together and he was a "catch" So yes, I believe men are better at compartmentalizing their RLs. Don't take it personal. Something I'd add to this just for what it's worth. The female ovum "egg" is of neither gender. If not fertilized by a living sperm cell which originates from the male body it will be a non issue.

As for gender of offspring, this is determined by the Can guys hook up with no feelings reproductive system. Sperm cells come in female larger in size and male smaller in size The female carries two X chromosomes and the male one X and one Y.

The temperature environment around the male reproductive system is thought to influence gender by virtue of more female sperm cells being developed if warmer and male if cooler. Like they just want a female mechanism to reach orgasm with to relieve themselves before they fall asleep for awhile and then move on with little emotional connection.

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All of these "virtues" men learn are from cultural "breeding". At the best it has put the Human species as the dominate of the world. At worst it has bread a lot of misconceptions between gender roles and distrust.

But even today we are still pretty much in the same bodies we started with "milleniums" ago where as about everything else is totally different. In earliest of times people lived in tribes for their survival, women bore children and still worked hard through the day both in the field and at domestic work. It doesn't always work out like that, but most boys grow up hearing, "you breed em This may be where the "need" she has for that emotional connection that will keep him around to see the children through adult hood when they can support themselves.

Edited on March 25, at I'm native to the USA and in the times I grew up "boys" weren't to be emotional or express themselves in terms of their "feelings". Professions such Medical, Law, Business, Accounting, etc. None of these express themselves much in terms of feelings, but rather "facts". So why is this? So there has been a war or two during each generation and men who were called or volunteered to serve in them became militarized and trained to the military "Can guys hook up with no feelings" of thinking.

It has been favored by Business but causes much trouble in people's domestic lives Wives and daughters often complain that Daddy doesn't seem to be a very "Feeling Person". Sons grow up from day one getting subtle messages that "feelings are for girls".

But most women know how short lived this is while many are confused by it and often blaming it on the loss of their youthful good looks. I learned a lot from their perspective about the question of this topic. As one Bi girl explained to me, "men give sex to women as it they are giving love feelings and women give affection feelings to men as if they are Can guys hook up with no feelings sex".

At this point you can see men giving sex without feelings more clearly.

They can give sex as feelings when giving it Generally they fall asleep after sex from the oxytoxin released during their orgasm and when they wake up they are back into the "not so feeling" man they were brought up to be. Again, I can't speak for men of other parts of the world. But I'd venture to say that most men don't really care that much for one night stands once they have been in a close relationship with a woman for awhile.

They will then know the difference. And Guys who have had sex with a girl that they really aren't into that much don't really feel that satisfied and often want to distance themselves so it doesn't Can guys hook up with no feelings again.

It is possible for a man to fall in love --or at least upgrade the relationship -- with the woman he is having an FB, FWB, EA or even the "just a friend" relationships he has. OTOH, you need to protect yourself. If he is telling you that sex is the only common factor between you two, then believe him. That is, if you want a full relationship, then move on.

I am not sure you want sex without emotions, what you want is to have those emotions contained or compartmented to meet ups. Say he does not contact you unless you contact him. When you are together it is like you are newlyweds, but confined for a weekend or vacation. Sort a like "Same time, next year" the movie. You want feelings when together but freedom from that restricted relationship when apart.

You will develop feelings which is natural, but controlled under the rules of the Can guys hook up with no feelings. Sure you will find guys who want to do this.

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Guys who travel do this all the time. LadyKat Send a private message. Yes, it is possible for men to detach emotion from sex. If sex comes without emotion, he wont grow it later, but if emotion comes first, the sex will iinclude that feeling. You cannot change what is not there at this point. Either accept it for what he is not giving you, or dont. If it were me, I would be out the door finding a man who is truly into me, not just dabbling.

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