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Sexual things to do with dry ice


Tis the season for the Mefi Mall - shop fine products by Mefites! What kind of fun can we have? January 21, I know there's all sorts of fun that can be had, but I'm unclear on the extents of said fun. Something science-y, or just cool looking, or? We've got it in a styrofoam chest the shipping vessel sitting out on the porch currently and understand to keep in mind the offgassing, not to store it in the freezer, not to seal the container airtight, not to touch it with bare skin, etc.

Whatever we end up doing with it, it'll be happening tomorrow evening so we're inherently limited by "how much remains after spending 30ish hours in a inch-thick styrofoam box in ish degree weather". So what's the fun Mister Wizard stuff we can do? I'm all for just dumping it in a bucket of water or something, but that seems like an easy out.

Sexual things to do with dry ice isn't FOR kids, but for the purposes of science-y amazement we're all basically ten years old inside. I always just pour hot water into the styrofoam container for a sweet smoke effect. One thing actually useful I saw on YouTube once was to try and remove dents from a car.

Small dents where the sheet metal has not creased.

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It worked in the video, but I saw something else say it was bs because they tried it and it did not work. Not a very sexy or cool thing, but it might help in a practical sort of way. Where does slipping little chips of dry ice into people's coffee fall on the safety scale? Because it is hilarious.

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If you put it in soapy water you get a crazy bubbling smoky spectacle, always an inner child pleaser. It's also pretty easy to turn Gatorade or soda bottles into rockets by adding some water and dry ice. Just be careful, they have a tendency to fly sideways, or at the most breakable thing nearby. Putting some in a sealed plastic container until the pressure makes it explode is excellent dumb "10 year old in a grownup's body" fun. Stand well back after it's sealed; in grad school we'd do this with little 1mL plastic vials and they make "Sexual things to do with dry ice" fun "pop"; for a larger volume it's more dangerous up close.

Pour some out of the container to douse a flame? Take rubbery things around the house, pop them in there for a few minutes, and watch them be all brittle and hard. If there aren't any safety or flavor concerns as far as whatever was shipped with it, make some punch and put some pieces in.

They can make PVC pipes brittle enough to break. This shows you how to build a dry ice hoverboard. There are a lot of different methods on the internet. You could even just go stick some fruit in there right now. A dry ice bomb is definitely one of the cooler things I've done in college. At our physics fair we put ice in a bottle, capped it, and then placed that bottle in a large trash can half full of water like a 55gal can. For extra credit, tie a cinder block to the bottle and throw it in a swimming pool.

My stupid trick with dry ice is to put some in my mouth and blow smoke out of my nose when people aren't expecting it.

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