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Maki horikita dating with ikuta toma ouroboros


Konnichiwa my fellows Toma-kun lovers! Minna ogenki desu kaa? The holiday very short holiday is coming!!!! Who want be spoiled or want to reminds this awesome drama This drama is exactly what I love!!! Even non fans watched it and liked it. This drama was aired in lot of foreign countries too.

Well I was once again totally amazed and knockedout by Toma acting.

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Another different role ok maybe littlebit similar to MAOU, but good viewer will see a lot of differenceswith psychological and very physical scenes.

His face expression, moves… aah everything… Toma you are really Mr. Yup, our man spend 4 hours daily in special gym kicking some staff butts XD. Gosh how I love sweaty, and K. O Toma after long training. So damn hot and sexy… ehm… STOP fangirling already!!! Also Shun was good too and did great job!

I could see how they both matured and got better at acting. I was very enjoying Shun and Toma brotherhood friendship. I was so happy to see them together again. Interesting is that manga is still ongoing without end but drama is finished in own way… I am really curious to read manga. I want know differences in story. Toma also reccomended it. He said when he read it he imagined that Ikuou is like him and Tatsuya is like Shun.

Hmm if Toma will be in white suit He can kill his enemies without hesitation. But inside it is very fragile, nice Maki horikita dating with ikuta toma ouroboros truthwoth friend and person who is totally into his aim.

He is also very dependable and loyal to whose he love. He never forget the past and pain he felt.

Lennie, who is coeducational maki...

Ikuo Ryuuzaki- on the other hand we have here emotional, nice, gentle, kind and easy-going detective. He is always energetic in work. But he has also face which know only his friend Tacchan. When he is with him he totataly changes to different person with painfull past.

He dont mind to be cold and Maki horikita dating with ikuta toma ouroboros mysterious. Because of this inciden his memory was damaged. He can' t remeber the night of incident well. But later he will rememer everything. The story is all about strong bond between two friends! Soon, this two boys become very close. Their bonds wasvery strong and they were like brothers… They and another children were raised with love of Yuiko sensei.

She is caring, nice and lovable young woman. She behaves Maki horikita dating with ikuta toma ouroboros to them. They were like sons to her and she was like their mum… This boys really loved her. But is it really true? Well nothing is really as it seems at first sight…. Which secrect tried Yuiko hide? Who exactly she was? One day little Ikuo is witness of horrible incident!

During night he saw how Yuiko sensei was killed by strange man with golden watch. He tried to save her but it was too late… They lost beloved person, everything was gone for them. Only thing that Yuiko sensei left is ouroboros necklace… Feling alone again and hold on to grudge they felt they must take revenge to bring back justice. They were too young for this unbearable pain.

From this pain the promise was born. We will kill them. I know a lot of people may dont agree with me what I wrote now… First till I start write something, I want say I really like Ohno-kun!

Oguri Shun Reunites with Ikuta...

He is my ichiban from Arashi… I want apologize for every lame sentence I wrote…. And what about Toma?

He is like forgotten! No one mention or dont feel pity for Naoto. He also did great job!

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