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How many wires hook up to a starter


Asked by chriduart Feb 08, at Starter went out, replaced with a new one by autozonethe starter spins but will n8t engage. Bench tested on vehicle bendex does not plunge. Took it to autozone watch them test it bendex plunged. They hookup the positive to positve and ground to body of starter and a third wire to a small screw next to the negative I was told it is the relay tap problem is I do not have a wire that went to the small screw and was told if I bridge the negatives by a wire it should plunge.

Side note the picture shows the teo cablesneg and positve, the positve was broken taking it off and I replaced with a new connector. Is this a conector that grounds to the bolt AND to the bottom or the top in the starter housing. We'll get to the bottom of it. First my circuit diagram for the Ranger shows that you are correct to only have the two wires. "How many wires hook up to a starter" original starter probably had more steel and the case provided the grounding connection. The new ones use more plastic and need an external wire.

According to my circuit the starter will ground through the block. The two wires are hot. The larger gauge wire will be the supply from the battery hot all the time and the smaller one will be the crank signal from the starter relay.

The small extra terminal will need to be grounded to the motor or starter. Here is the circuit '01 is the same as ' Just need to figure out which is the battery supply on the new starter and which is the crank. The battery post should be larger. First thank you for a timely reply, iv been at this for a week everyday and a couple others issue that I checked to find the end problem. First it started one night no click no starter.

While banging around I noticed 4 out of five times if I banged on the idle air control it would fire up. Next day same thing, banged on the new idle air and it starts me scratching my head shouldnt have anything to do with it. Put it in, nothing, broke down bought a multireader, tested battery was getting Rotated flywheel for good How many wires hook up to a starter, tried againsame result. Took starter back to autozone and repeat from my original question.

From what you discribed initially it sounded like you had 3 inputs to the starter. After looking at the pic of the new "How many wires hook up to a starter" it only has two inputs and one output, unless there is a terminal that I cannot see.

The ground is connected via the block.

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