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What does green circle mean on match


Home Online Dating Blog Match. In my last post I covered questions on winks at Match. This time I wanted to cover other types of questions that have sent people here.

Can I Hide My Match. How Much will the Match. What is the Number of Members at Match.

To hide your profile: Click on Profile at the top of the screen 2. On the left, you should see a section labeled Visibility Options. Simply click Hide Profile. There several things hiding your profile do but primarily it removes you from search results.

However, if you unhide your profile you will appear in this section for anyone you viewed. As I covered in my discussion of issues with the six month guarantee, you cannot hide your profile and still qualify for the guarantee.

Be sure to read all the rules as there are additional qualifications. If you are a paying subscriber to Match. However, if you contact a non-payer then they will not be able to contact you back. The only people you can be sure pay are those with a green background around their profile. A profile highlighted in green is someone who has signed up for the "What does green circle mean on match" package. Anyone who is attempting to qualify for the 6-month guarantee has to sign up for this plan.

This package also allows the member to see when people open emails that they send and their profiles are shown to new members first. As a side note, I had always thought that the Match.

One question had asked if a green profile meant the user was a subscriber. As I described, green is actually the platinum account. If you use this trial you can still sign up for the 6-month guarantee if you want to try to take advantage of both promotions. If you decide to try this be sure to follow the instructions on the sign up screen in the link above. Changing your primary photo is pretty simple although you will have to wait up to 24 hours for them to approve your new photo as your primary.

To change your photo: Click Profile at the top of the screen 2. If you have other photos that can be made your primary photo just click the button and the process to change it should begin. This would normally be because they want your primary photo to be a clear headshot of only you. Most people look at a large number of profile but contact very few or sometimes none at all.

In my online dating guide I discuss this in great detail in my section on an absence of responses. Issues with the Match. How Much Does Match. Hi I found this very useful, thank you. If you hide it and view a bunch of profiles, whenever you unhide those views WILL show up for the people you were viewing.

Often we click on a profile only to discover that the person is not the right match. Private browsing allows you to do this without upsetting anyone.

I also hate the Online Now feature. Match is seriously lagging behind some of the other dating sites with respect to privacy and what they offer their members. I think I may cancel my membership with them and stick What does green circle mean on match the ones who offer some degree of privacy. I have changed my match. My question is, sometimes I get emails from match. I am NOT and have not changed it back to public status, does match do this on their own from time to time?

Hey Annie…my wife actually had the same problem after we had been dating.