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Log In Sign Up. The Lapis Satricanus as evidence of an Italic writing context in the Latium vetus? The Latin alphabet actually gives evidence of some peculiarities that recall possible extra-Latin parallels.

We thought appropriate to begin in medias res in that Rocca offers an overview on the status quaestionis and an exhaustive linguistic and cultural study. It was found together with other two uninscribed blocks of the same kind of tuff stone cappellaccio that had been first discovered dur- ing the excavations of but remained partially buried. The inscription was found upside-down on the centre block. This picture, taken when the stone was still in situ Fig. The Lapis Satricanus in situ Colonna This picture was first published in by C.

Stibbe and then by D. Waarseburg believed that he could distin- guish the impression of the apex of a V-shaped letter. Here are the results they obtained: First, we blurred the image using Gaussian kernel in order to reduce the noise caused by the black and white dithering that was probably used during the printing of the image. Finally, we applied a method called anisotropic diffusion. The algorithm works by detecting the edges of the objects depicted in the Le cinque declinazioni latino dating and then by blurring the regions in the image within the objects and along the edges.

After applying the above algorithm on the Lapis Satricanus Le cinque declinazioni latino dating, an inscribed structure of lines appeared before the letter E, which was not legible before the process- Le cinque declinazioni latino dating see Fig. Result of the anisotropic diffusion on the image published in Colonna Bozia-Barmpoutis In that occasion, the autopsy of the Lapis Satricanus confirmed the presence of a vertical stroke seen by means of a grazing light Fig. Because of the fracture on the upper left side, the text is incomplete and it has thus been variously integrated.

The hypothesis of the symmet- rical order, suggested by Colonna, supposes that the second line is com- plete and that, because of the centring, at least four letters are missing at the beginning of the first line.

Acil]iei, Soc]iei, Sal]iei, Iun]iei; ].

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Matr]ei;10 -] i eis dat. Close up of the Lapis Satricanus illuminated by a grazing Le cinque declinazioni latino dating. The white arrow indicates Le cinque declinazioni latino dating vertical stroke Photo by M.

For the second segment, both the hypotheses of a theonym Mamartei dat. Apographon of the inscription Colonna The inscription presents left-to-right ductus and scriptio continua.

The letters that appear more than once do not show relevant modifica- tions in their shape;12 this is a first indication of the accuracy with which the inscription was engraved and confirms that we are dealing with a highly professional scribe, which certainly suits a public text of this importance. We are going to compare the morphological characteristics of the letters on the Lapis Satricanus13 with those attested on some inscriptions from Latium Vetus.

As Giovanni Colonna remarks,17 12 The same cannot be said of the Forum Inscription and the Duenos Inscription, that show morphological variations for the most frequent letters. The only D on the Lapis Satricanus shows a round arch that widens in the lower part, rather wide in comparison with the other exemplars of the same letter in the archaic Latin inscriptions.

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For an overview on the subject, see Hartmannpp. An overview of the question was recently presented in Muscariello in print. This comparative analysis shows a significant consistency between the Lapis Satricanus and some inscriptions coming from the south-east- ern borders of the Latium vetus: Graphical reproduction of the shapes of the letters attested on the Lapis Satricanus and of the corresponding letters on some archaic Latin inscriptions 7th-5th century BC.

Starting from Satricum, it proceeds geographically anticlockwise towards Rome.

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