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Dating sasha dolls


What are Sasha Dolls? Souvenir Outfits From Sasha Festivals, all the souvenir outfits Self-Help Care for Sasha Dolls offers how-to-do-it advice and tips on the care and preservation of your Sasha. Photographs and text at this website are copyrighted. She wears Dating sasha dolls farm pants, white blouse, duffle coat and sandals, and the Sasha tag on her right wrist. She is one of the first serie dolls of The dolls are grouped year by year, with their names and style numbers, in photos you can print.

Sasha dolls were created by the late Sasha Morgenthaler -a Swiss artist and artisan. She was also a humanitarian and a keen observer of all the world's children. Her vision was to create dolls that represented and reflected the spirit of children of all races and cultures during their age of innocence.

Beginning in the s until her death inSasha created one-of-a-kind 20" cloth, gypsum, and plastic dolls in her Dating sasha dolls.


She travelled the world extensively, Dating sasha dolls children of all racial, cultural, and economic groups to portray in her dolls. These dolls are considered museum-quality works of art, created by an artist who turned to doll-making to portray her vision.

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During her lifetime, Sasha's dolls were sold from her studio and through the Heimatwerk shops in Switzerland. But the dolls Sasha created for children to play with, were too expensive for most families. Her Dating sasha dolls was to make an inexpensive play doll that would have universal appeal for all children.

Her dream came true in the mid s when she developed the design for the 16" serie play-dolls, manufactured in Germany Dating sasha dolls England, that became so popular around the world during the s - s.

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These serie dolls possess some Dating sasha dolls features: They are perfectly balanced and can assume many poses without a doll stand - they can even stand on their heads!

Their skin colorings are blends of all skin colorings, to represent all the children of the world, and they Dating sasha dolls individually hand painted faces with receptive expressions, each one ready to reflect whatever mood its child will give it.

There have been three productions of serie Sasha dolls, made by two different companies. The dolls from the three productions have similar vinyl bodies and heads, with rooted nylon hair and painted eyes and lips, but differ in style and face painting.

The German Sashas from both productions are marked on their backs and necks with the Sasha logo, while the English dolls are unmarked. All Sasha dolls "Dating sasha dolls" wrist tags on their right wrists - a string with Dating sasha dolls little medallion bearing the Sasha logo. The early German Sashas are more plentiful in Europe than in America, while the reverse is true for the English dolls.

Dolls from the most recent German production can be found everywhere. Now, the Sasha collection has been closed, and is being exhibited from time to time at different venues, until a new permanent location can be found for the collection.

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