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Cheap apparels in bangalore dating


While Bangalore is known for its nightlife, shopping is something that is not far behind. Bangalore is home to swanky malls, high-end stores and culturally rich markets. During the festive period and on the weekends, shopping enthusiasts in Bangalore head out to their local market, a bazaar, retail shops and malls to check out the latest in fashion, new products or stock up on necessities.

Let us look at the best places to shop in Bangalore. Cheap apparels in bangalore dating Road is a popular shopping street in Bangalore source.

The MG Road in Bangalore is a popular address. It houses high-end Cheap apparels in bangalore dating shops as well as street vendors. Visit this market if you are looking to get yourself some new clothes or are keen on window shopping. G gets crowded by 7 pm, so the best time to visit is during the early evening hours 4 pm to 6 pm.

A famous clothes market in Bangalore source. There is so much to shop for here, you will often wonder where to start. If you are looking to take a break from shopping, drop by at a tea stall for a Sulaiman chai or enjoy a scrumptious portion of biryani.

Chickpet is famous for its sarees source. An obligatory visit for every tourist to the city is the Chickpet Market.

This market houses the largest collection of sarees in Bangalore. At Chickpet, shoppers can find sarees in different styles, prints and colours, for every occasion. Prices are not fixed here so you will have to bargain for a fair price. If you are looking for special collections of sarees, go during the festive season, that is, during Diwali, Christmas or Eid. Shop at Avenue Street for Books source.

Tourists who love shopping for books on their travels have to Cheap apparels in bangalore dating Avenue Street. It has a variety of shops ranging from street-side bookstalls to bookshops. All these bookstores house a variety of books across all genres and languages. Lookout for old, rare finds at this market. There is a good collection of classic novels that are normally hard to find. School and DIY books can also be found here. A famous flower market in Bangalore source.

Every morning, the fresh, fragrant smell of flowers greet shoppers at the Malleswaram Market. A haven for buying fresh flowers, in the market you will find shoppers buying flowers for puja, religious observances Cheap apparels in bangalore dating for occasions like weddings. Vendors at this famous flower market sell all sorts of flowers including sunflowers, roses, mogra and chrysanthemums.

One of the most popular shopping places in Bangalore. S P Road source. The SP Road in Bangalore is a narrow lane that is popular for its electronic shops. From spare parts to mobile accessories and new gadgets, electronics enthusiasts will find it all here.

The market is divided into sections. There is an entire stretch where you will find shops that repair gadgets and sell spare parts and there is an entire wing for household gadgets. Be ready to bargain, shopkeepers love to strike good deals at this market. A popular market in Bangalore, visit Gandhi Bazaar to buy fresh flowers and condiments. Along the streets of the bazaar, you can find vendors selling fruits and vegetables. There are a few shops that sell flowers too, but what the market Cheap apparels in bangalore dating famous for are its spices.

People from across the city often come here to buy fresh Indian spices such as turmeric, chili powder and a variety of local masalas. V R Mall source. The V R Mall in Bangalore is easily recognizable by its structure that looks like a big black box.

Shop here if you love luxury and high-end fashion. Cheap apparels in bangalore dating mall is home to a couple of luxury retail outlets and a big cinema hall that telecasts the latest English, Hindi and Kannada films.

One of the best places to shop in Bangalore. A popular mall in Bangalore source. Visit Phoenix Marketcity for a great shopping. The mall is home to many retail giants, a food court and quite a few bars and pubs.

There is also an entertainment zone that kids will love and a huge cinema hall that showcases the best new movies in town.

The Forum Mall in Bangalore is a popular shopping destination for young college kids and the working crowd. At the mall, you will find plenty of retail stores selling clothes, books, toys and a lot more.

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The highlight at the mall is the coffee shop that serves a special type of coffee called the Kappi Blue Grass. A great place to shop for branded clothes source. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe or to invest in the latest fashion trends, shop at the Cheap apparels in bangalore dating Mall in Bangalore.

The mall is home to some of the best high-street fashion stores such as Forever 21, Levis, Nike and Jashn. If you are tired and need some refueling, check out the eateries in the mall; there are fast food outlets and a sizzler joint. Mantri Mall is great for brand lovers source.

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