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Best electric razor yahoo dating


A good electric razor should provide a fast shave. But the very best go a step further, offering Best electric razor yahoo dating close trim plus convenient features like a digital display and adjustable head settings.

To find our picks, we consulted with dermatologists and then gathered the top razors from respected brands to try them out for ourselves. The Braun cc is designed to tackle the low stubble of frequent shaves.

It offers a close trim thanks to an adjustable pivoting head that can be locked at multiple angles. It's easy to clean and maintain and boasts a useful digital display.

If you regularly tackle thick stubble, the Philips avoids tugging. Electric razor manufacturers love to claim that their brands offer the latest in shaving technology. The best electric razor still boils down to a few core features: If you shave regularly every day, or every couple of daysour pick is the Braun Series 9 cc.

Its maneuverable cutting head provides a close shave, and its ergonomic handle, easy-to-change head design, and inclusion of practical features like a cleaning indicator result in a surprisingly intuitive product.

And we appreciated extras like its cleaning and blocked shaving head indicators. Its features are minimal, but it includes essentials like a battery meter and a "Best electric razor yahoo dating" for beard touch-ups. Shopping for an electric razor can be maddening. There are scores of models on the market and the differences between them are minor: The only difference between the Braun cc and cc? The color of the razor. The only difference between the cc and cc?

A good electric razor should...

The color of the zipper on the travel case. We began by selecting 12 highly regarded models that spanned a wide range of features.

For information on electric razors...

Some came with fancy options like cleaning indicators and comprehensive digital displays, while others took a more "Best electric razor yahoo dating" approach. We made sure to include a variety of brands: Best-of lists and consumer reviews from sites like Engadget and Amazon led us to widely celebrated options like Braun and Philips Norelco.

But we included top recommendations from less popular brands, too. There are some popular models that appear frequently on best-of lists, like the Braun cc and Philips Norelcothat we decided to skip because they are no longer being produced or are difficult to find.

We focused our list on models widely available and actively in production. Unlike manual razors, all electric razors have some type of covering over their blades, protecting skin from unwanted nicks. Foil razors left offer a closer trim, while rotary razors right provide a more even trim.

So which one is better? People with sensitive skin are also better off with a foil razor: Rotaries are also better at trimming longer hair, which is why Remington recommends them if you only shave intermittently — maybe you skip weekends, but need a razor that can tackle thick Monday stubble. We included both types in our testing process since both Best electric razor yahoo dating widely popular.

Electric razors of both kinds require an adjustment period: It can take up to two or three weeks for your face to adapt to the new stimulus. We gathered a group with diverse skin and hair types and sent each of them home with two razors, asking them to shave and evaluate the following factors:.

How did the razor feel on skin?

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