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American police codes 420 dating


The term '' entered drug parlance as a term signifying the time to light up a joint.

Why does America try to...

Odd terms sneak into our language every now and then, and this is one of the oddest. That autumn, the five teenagers came into possession of a hand-drawn map supposedly locating a marijuana crop at Point Reyes, north-west of San Francisco.

The friends — who called themselves the Waldos because they used to hang out by a wall — met after school, at 4: They never found the plot. So did friends and acquaintances, who included — at a couple of steps removed — members of the Grateful Dead rock band. Staff on the magazine, long the leading American police codes 420 dating on marijuana, started using it.

The time we got out of school was approximately 3 p. There was just enough time to get back to the statue of Louis Pasteur to smoke and look for the pot fields drawn in a treasure map. Its earliest connotation of having to do with the time a certain group of students congregated to smoke American police codes 420 dating tobaccy is unknown to many of those who now employ the term.

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Indeed, most instead believe one or more of the many spurious explanations that have since grown up about this much abused short form:. This is the tail wagging the dog, not the other way around. In Fast Times at Ridgemont "American police codes 420 dating" the score of the football game was Most of the clocks in Pulp Fiction are set to 4: And there are many other instances, so keep your eyes peeled.

However, as amusing as it is to tie to pot smoking and hunt for it in popular movies, the number has its dark side.

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