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Manufacturability considerations when dating

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Part concept and design are vital elements to the molding process. Because of this, manufacturers are highly encouraged to spend additional time analyzing the design before creating the mold.

Significant opportunities to decrease waste and time-to-market can be achieved with some up-front work. If there was only one rule for the injection molding part design, it would have to be to maintain uniform wall thickness.

Prior to part ejection, injection molded Manufacturability considerations when dating must be cooled down from processing temperatures to a point where they are able to maintain their shape and withstand the forces of removal.

Once the plastic makes contact with mold steel, it immediately begins to cool. During this period, wall thickness alone is the driving factor in overall part quality dimensionssolidification time, stress and overall cycle time time to part ejection. That said, determining the correct wall thickness for the application can have drastic effects on the cost and production speed of manufacturing.