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Speed dating sassari basketball


We planned many kinds of events and activities from monday until sunday so. Rest and brace yourself for one of the most intense weeks of your Erasmus!! For now we do not want to reveal too much but One original way to make a tour of the city, to discover the city with its monuments, traditions with the little help of games, tasks, challanges and Straight from USA, with a stopwatch in hand, we will get the chance to know each others and well, who knows what else, maybe find your soulmate!!

But watch out for the bell because your time runs out real quick and you'll have to start over again with another person!! Stretch and prepare to bring it on the field!!

There's no problem if you don't want to Speed dating sassari basketball Every great sport team has a great cheerleaders team behind right?

Not only soccer but also Dodgeball matches, beers and music! Lets train our voices with guess what?


We will be singing all nights international songs italian, french, turkish, spanish, portuguese etc etc. Wear your best outfit and aim to be nominated Mr or Mrs Erasmus! Will your liver handle more alcohol after the previous tough Welcome Party??

Tuesday 7: SPEED DATE. Straight...

The correct answer is only one We will test you!! Choose your own team wisely and be ready to drink beer as if you were partecipating to Guinnes World Record! The fastest is the Winner!! As if we need to break anymore ice after a week together right? However we will finish the week with many games.

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We liked very much those ones on the beach but we'll have way more. Different location and different rules this time. ESN gives you the chance to enroll for the whole week of events for a lower price. You'll be able to buy it from the 29th of Sectember in our office: Larco Macao from 10 am untill 1 pm. Esn paura non ne ha!!!

Nicola Cavalcata Sarda L'argentiera.

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