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Kienzle clock dating


For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer.

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After the war, the decoration was necessarily altered, the base became smaller but the general layout of the dial was preserved through all permutations of the clock, from the early mechanical versions to the electro-mechanical versions and finally the quartz movements Kienzle clock dating the 80s.

A unique feature of this clock is that it shows Germany to be the centre of the world.

Kienzle is founded in in...

The name was officially changed Dec. It could have been made between and if the Kienzle clock dating on the dial were determined by Kienzle in strict conformity with official names. I replied that the clock was likely not produced during the war years when many German plants turned their attention to the war effort.

My clock was either made in or close to I was just doing a little exercise in marking rough parameters. Then I took the clock to my Kienzle clock dating clock maker to have it serviced and he explained that, on my model at least, you have to take the back cover off and manipulate the metal disk inside with your finger.

Kienzle c. stamped metal, Kienzle...

I see that some clocks, including yours, have a little button or knob on the back half-way down from the center knob that controls the hands and I assume that it controls the time zone scale.

Anyway, if you are a visitor to this site looking for the same information, now you have my report.

Kienzle is founded in in...

On my clock the tiny knob controls both the hands and the zone scale. As I rotate the knob the zone advances incrementally.

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Is it a clock or a work of art? The latter I would submit. Adolf no lessa Mercator style somehowa 24 hour time sequencer.

Like Liked by 1 person. I was lucky to have had a good exchange with another reader. If I find out more about this fascinating clock I will post again.

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Hi all: Could someone please help me date a Kienzle bracket clock. The movement has the winged wheel emblem and the number Kienzle c.

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