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Missing a husband quotes


Last night I was alone thinking of the memories we shared together then suddenly tears of passion fills my eyes because you were nowhere beside me. I wish you did not leave for the trip perhaps my heart would have been at rest. I miss you, baby! Since the very first day I met you, my life has been filled with love and endless passion. The reason why I cherish you is that you are a kind-hearted man.

I wish I can show you how much you mean to me. Loving you is the most interesting thing I am concerned about at this moment. Believe me, there is no other man that can replace you in my heart. There is one thing that disturbs my feelings and it is the fact that you are far away from me—baby wherever you may be, always remember that somewhere, somehow someone is dying to see you. From the deepest point of my heart, I beseech the Missing a husband quotes to bless my husband wherever he may be.

Although I have missed you a lot thinking about you has become my second nature. Since the day you left, my days and nights have never passed without remembering you—I miss you!

My heart is full of sorrow and the reason is your absence, my dear husband. That day, in that blessed hour we were joined as one; my life joy began and since then all I get from you is a kindness. I am so happy that I met you in life. I miss you my heart! Time has gone too far by taking you Missing a husband quotes from me, baby I am so sad because all the romantic words have gone along with you—no one to kiss, hug or cuddle me again. I must confess that your absence is really a big challenge to me.

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I just want to say: I miss you so much! My dear husband, the father of my kids, you see the tears dropping from my eyes is not for sorrow but for the fact that I have missed you a lot. My sweetheart, I really miss you so much!

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