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How to know if youre hookup a rebound

How do you know if...

Maybe your mind is playing games with you. Not all How to know if youre hookup a rebound relationships are bad and short-lived. Rebound relationships can work, but it requires more time and effort to get through the recovery phase. He might not even be doing it consciously or aware that he's inconsiderate to you. Your boyfriend has no intention of hurting or using you.

I know it sucks to be the rebound girlfriend. So if you find yourself in a rebound relationship, assess the situation with the signs below and see if you want to stay together. Sometimes, the mixed signals from your boyfriend can drive you crazy. This is one of the biggest and blatant signs of a rebound relationship. They are usually looking for companionship and ways to fill that void in their lives. So hang in there. And somewhat disrespectful when your boyfriend likes to compare you to his ex.

No one likes to hear her boyfriend talk about their ex. You took me to a restaurant where you and your ex hang out a lot and now you want me to order the same dessert? On the other hand, if your boyfriend brings up something about his ex early in the relationship, just let it slide.

He just spent a few years close with someone, and all of his memories involve his ex.

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