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How did the associate professor of modern languages wind up here when the rest of her colleagues are housed in George Davis Hall GDH? "Amber christianson snapchat" former Dean of the College Larry Breitborde asked if she had any special requests, she mentioned she wanted a window.

There was just one problem: A Mexican street painting. A small painted picture of Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City and a small match box with a painting of Frida Kahlo on each side.

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Both objects were found at flea markets in Mexico City. A cultural representation of the Virgin of Guadalupe made out of dyed corn leaves sits in front of a picture of Diego.

Rivera and Frida Kahlo, which, Claudia says, students like because they can connect with a portrait of two people they know. A copper pot holds a bouquet of dyed corn leaves that her family gave to her on one of their Amber christianson snapchat visits to Chicago, where she lived at the time.

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A pot made from lemon tree wood that was carved with a hot needle when you open it, it smells like lemon. A brief look—in charts and graphs—at how the Knox student body is a direct reflection of our changing nation. It is distributed free of charge Amber christianson snapchat Knox alumni, students, parents, and friends. The magazine welcomes information and story ideas. Please query before submitting manuscripts. Read more about Commencement on page Excellent spring issue with Amber christianson snapchat reporting and quite good graphics to invite you in.

answers, likes. Ask anything you...

Photography and its display outstanding. As a Knox alumna, I love reading Class Notes, learning about all the wonderful goings on with my classmates and friends. But, as editor of Knox Magazine, I often dislike them. But in this issue alone, Class Notes took up more than 40 pages and consisted of 42, words of text. And you know what? We still always get something wrong.

Is this truly something to envy? But I also just finished reading about the Class of and am truly amazed by all of the degrees received, jobs started, and unions made. Amber christianson snapchat

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Our alumni are doing wonderful things. There is no better testament to the power of a Knox education, the enduring friendships between classmates, or the sheer reach of our small college on the prairie than Class Notes. How can I not love that? But I do ask you, magazine reader, for one favor.

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Remembering Lombard Grads I was touched and sorry to read in the Knox Magazine of the passing of the last Lombard student, Roy Truedson, at the age Amber christianson snapchat In the accompanying note about notable Lombard graduates, including my dad Theodore Wright and Uncle Sewall, I missed my other uncle, Dr. Quincy Wright, professor of international law at the University of Chicago. I believe he was a Knox trustee in the s and died ina couple of months after my father.

My maternal grandfather, Judge Lyman McCarl of Adams County, Illinoiswas also a Lombard graduate aboutI think who paid his way through Lombard by teaching school every other year. My Amber christianson snapchat was also vice president of Cornell University — and acting president in Send us your letters! Knox Magazine welcomes the opinions and comments of its readers. Letters should refer to material published in the magazine and may be edited for length or clarity.

It seems that every year there are new rankings: Each can serve as a benchmark, and the College takes them seriously as indicators of ways in which we might improve and as important tools for prospective students.

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But some are especially dear to Amber christianson snapchat because they measure how well we meet our mission. Every fall, when a variety of external rankings are publicized, I look to see whether others recognize these qualities, too. This fall, for the first time, Knox was ranked number 14 in the nation by The New York Times for how well we serve low-income students.

This ranking is especially striking because Knox has the lowest endowment per student of any of the private liberal arts colleges included in the top Knox is ranked number 11 in the nation among liberal arts colleges, and it is this ranking that I treasure the most. My father served his country as a veteran and as an American diplomat, so I was raised to revere public service, and it remains a core value for me. Census data, the West and the South contain the fastest-growing states in the country.

Not surprisingly, over the last four years, half of the top states from which we enroll students are in the South and West. Despite best intentions, many members of the Knox community have found that talking across these differences is often messy and sometimes hurtful. So how do we as a community work together to overcome and embrace our differences? Intergroup Amber christianson snapchat IGD is one solution. One thing that makes IGD unique is its approach to conflict: At Knox, we believe that we learn the most from the people least like us.

Three courses in IGD are now offered at Knox. In the level course, students from groups with a history of conflict work together to understand their own social identity, to learn how structural and institutional power works in relation to their identity, and to foster activism and community.

The level course is facilitated by student peers, who are closely mentored by faculty. Students are trained by IGD faculty to become peer facilitators in a level course, and facilitators are enrolled in the level course while they are facilitating the level class. To date, 45 Amber christianson snapchat have participated in the level course and 16 students have been trained as peer facilitators.

Faculty and staff have also participated actively in the program. Staff in Athletics and Admission Amber christianson snapchat in an IGD training on diversity last year, and additional opportunities are planned for faculty and staff in the coming year.

The American Southwest is a beautiful but challenging environment for photographers. One thing the Amber christianson snapchat students learned quickly: Vaughn Hadenfeldt, our guide in Bluff, Utah, told us that visitors can easily spend five hours in a single location as they scout the best angle and wait for the perfect light. Mike Godsil plans to organize a return trip to the Southwest for Knox alumni next summer.