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My husband works nights and i miss him


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My wife works in the night shift at one of the big Houston hospitals, and during the day she is either sleeping to prepare for work, sleeping off a hour shift or trying desperately to find some middle ground between vampire and daywalker so she can function in normal society.

My husband started night shifts...

Any sort of regular breakfast item like Shipley or a biscuit sandwich, you have to buy way in advance because they stop serving by the afternoon, so you have to clear that first. Sleeping during the day is hard, and your body will actively refuse to do it a lot of the time. That means waking someone up to ask what that person wants to eat risks her not being able to get back to sleep.

I spend the whole afternoon worrying about how to get my wife enough calories to start a very long shift with minimal breaks. With four cats and a six-year-old, my carpet is always on the verge of achieving biological life, so vacuuming is important. I have to find the few brief windows when no one is asleep to perform a basic household function, and those windows are usually reserved for family time when we can all be together.

I ended up emptying and dragging an old dresser down to the street by myself, and that was only after I had to lift it over her bed just to get it on the other side of the room and out the door. The possibilities are limited only by my bank account. When my wife gets a day off, it generally means she can either read a book, play her DS or catch up on television. Either she misses out on things entirely or she soldiers through them sleep-deprived. It takes quite a toll on someone after a while.

Any hitch in the plans feels like precious time is being drained away. You Have to Hold Onto Bad News by Yourself After months of tests trying to My husband works nights and i miss him out why our Boston terrier Molly had suddenly lost two-thirds of her mass, we finally figured out that she had a massive tumor in her throat.

You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! I found all this out while my wife was sleeping between her shifts, and all I could do was drive around crying with Molly in my lap.

When My husband works nights and i miss him spouse works the night shift, you get to be sad by yourself and your spouse gets to be sad first thing when she wakes up.

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