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Winterstick tantra sexual health


Ramakrishna was a homoerotic pedophile. His chief disciple, Vivekananda, visited brothels in India. Krishnamurti carried on an affair for over twenty years with the wife of a close friend. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh sniffed laughing gas to get high.

Andrew Cohen, guru and publisher of What Is Enlightenment? Don't get suckered in. Find out what reportedly goes on behind the scenes in even the best of our world's spiritual communities. You can start by reading this book. Armed with wit, insight, and truly astonishing research, Geoffrey Falk utterly demolishes the notion of the enlightened guru who can lead devotees to nirvana.

This entertaining and yet deadly serious book should be read by everyone Winterstick tantra sexual health or thinking of pursuing the path of guru devotion. The research is meticulous, the writing Winterstick tantra sexual health, and the overall thesis: Lane, California State University This gripping and disturbing book should be read by anyone who finds themself revering a spiritual teacher. Sil, Western Oregon University No one involved in contemporary spirituality can afford to ignore this book.

It exposes the darker side of modern spiritual movements, those embarrassing--sometime vicious or criminal--reports which the leaders of these movements prefer to hide. With wit and humility, and without abandoning the verities of religion, Falk has provided a corrective critique of groups that peddle enlightenment and transcendence. Published by Million Monkeys Press P. Box A Bloor St.

Credits and permissions can be found on the Permissions page p.

Of Cabbages and Nature Sprites Why, though, would anyone write such a book as this? First of all, one hopes to save others from the sorrow Winterstick tantra sexual health in throwing their lives away in following these figures. Even the most elementary bodhisattva vow, for the liberation of others from suffering, would leave one with no moral choice but to do one's part in that.

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As trite as it may sound, if I can prevent even one other person, especially a young person, from having to live through the nightmare of Winterstick tantra sexual health I will feel satisfied. Second, I personally spent the worst nine months of my life at one of Paramahansa Yogananda's approved southern California ashrams i. I thus consider this as part of my own healing process. Third, with my own background in Eastern philosophy, we may hope to do all this without misrepresenting the metaphysical ideas involved.

With or without that, though, it is not the validity of the theoretical ideas of each path which are, in general, of concern here.

Rather, of far greater interest are the ways in which the leaders espousing those ideas have applied them in practice, frequently to the claimed detriment of their followers. Fifth, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, if we eliminate everything which is impossible, then what is left, however improbable it may appear, must be the case.

This book will not likely change the mind of any loyal disciple of any of the spiritual figures and paths specifically addressed herein. This text may, however, touch some of those devotees who are already halfway to realizing what is going on around them. And thus, it may prevent them from becoming involved with the relevant organization s in the first place. No one should ever turn a blind eye to secular crimes of forgery, incest, rape or the like.

Much less should those same crimes be so readily excused or forgiven when they are alleged to occur in spiritual contexts. To Winterstick tantra sexual health nothing in the face of evil, after all, is to implicitly condone it. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. The alert reader will further note that, aside from my own relatively non-scandalous but still highly traumatic personal experiences at Hidden Valley, all of the allegations made herein-- none of which, to my knowledge, except where explicitly noted, have been proved in any court of law--have already been put into print elsewhere in books and magazine articles.

In all of those cases, I am relying in good faith on the validity of the extant, published research of the relevant journalists and ex-disciples. As the Dalai Lama expressed his own opinion, regarding the value of such investigative journalism:. I respect and appreciate the media's interference We need to know when "Winterstick tantra sexual health" or that renowned individual hides a very different aspect behind a pleasant exterior. Of course, all such protests to the contrary, it is the very nature of the gathering and publicizing of information such as this that one will be regarded as being either puritanical or shadowprojecting for doing so.

Why else, after all, would anyone object to guru-disciple sex, etc. So then simply ask yourself as you read this book: Finally, with regard to the use of humor herein, the late Christopher Reeve put it appropriately: The wicked are wicked no doubt, and Winterstick tantra sexual health go astray, and they fall, and they come by their desserts.

But who can tell the mischief that the very virtuous do? They would, that is, be free of the deep psychological quirks, prejudices, hypocrisy and violence which affect mere mortals. One would further hope that the best of our world's sages would Winterstick tantra sexual health able to distinguish between valid mystical perceptions and mere hallucinations, and that the miracles and healings which they have claimed to have effected have all actually occurred.

Sadly, none of those hopes stand up to even the most basic rational scrutiny. Thus, it has come to be that you are holding in your hands an extremely evil book. They have further been widely recognized and duly advertised as possessing high Winterstick tantra sexual health of spiritual realization.

Indeed, one can easily find loyal followers singing the praises of each of these individuals and paths, in books and sanctioned websites.

Both Steven Hassan's www. Ross Institute at www. For, it presents not only the representative and, after a while, completely unbelievable.

Unless one enjoys seeing other people suffer--or effecting or reliving one's own process of disillusionment--however, this is not going to be pretty. Nevertheless, if we are really interested in truth, we should still welcome having the hypocrisies and alleged abusive evils of persons in positions of spiritual authority be laid bare to the world. Exposing them to the public eye, after all, is the only way to get them to stop. When [Mahendra Nath Gupta, a prominent disciple] told his Master that he was the same person as Jesus and Chaitanya, Ramakrishna affirmed enthusiastically: I am an avatar.

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I am God in human form Ramakrishna, in [Nityatmananda, ]. Vivekananda's story, however, begins with his own guru, Sri Ramakrishna, the latter having been born in India in He was, indeed, aided in that activity by Winterstick tantra sexual health who bought him feminine outfits and gold ornaments, to suit his own relatively feminine body and psyche.

One can very well see from the extant photograph of Ramakrishna [e. Nor was that the extent of the great sage's appreciation for the microcosmic aspects of the feminine principle:.

Six years ago, the words...

Once he sat after a midday siesta with his loin cloth disheveled. He then remarked that he was sitting like a woman about to suckle her baby. In fact, he used to suckle his young beloved [male] disciple Winterstick tantra sexual health Ghosh He often posed as their girlfriend or mother and always touched or caressed them lovingly Sil, I can't live without seeing you!

Looking to spice things up...

This state of things continued for six months. There were other boys who also came here; I felt greatly drawn towards some of them but nothing like the way I was attracted toward [Vivekananda] Disciples, ; italics added.

As to what excuse the great guru might have given for such mounting had it not sent him vaulting into ecstatic perception of God, one can only guess. Even the experience of his highest realization that there exists within the individual self the Paramatman, the repository of all knowledge, was Winterstick tantra sexual health from his beholding a grasshopper with a thin sticklike object inserted in its anus!

Of course, none of Ramakrishna's documented homoerotic behaviors in the above regards would equate to him having been a practicing homosexual. I am terribly scared of women I see them as a tigress coming to devour me.

Besides, I see large pores [cf. I find all of them as ogres If my body is touched by a woman I feel sick The touched part aches as if stung by a horned catfish in Nikhilananda, Even the mere sight of a woman could reportedly so negatively excite Ramakrishna as to prompt him to.

His attraction for young Winterstick tantra sexual health that may be considered as muted pedophilia is often associated with aging impotent males Ramakrishna's contempt for women was basically a misogynist attitude of an insecure male, who thought of himself as a woman in order to fight his innate fear of the female Sil, On other occasions, the mention of any object which Ramakrishna did not desire e.

During his ascetic practices, Ramakrishna exhibited remarkable bodily changes. While worshiping Rama as his devotee Hanuman, the monkey chieftain of the Ramayana, his movements resembled those of a monkey And the most marvelous thing was--the lower end of my spine lengthened, nearly an inch!

Later, when I stopped practicing.

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