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Britney spears sexy song


One of the things that undeniably helped Britney Spears Britney spears sexy song into the kind of mega fame that she achieved early in her career was her iconic music videos.

Whether it was Britney as a schoolgirl, Britney as a martian in red latex, or Britney as a flight attendant, her videos are unforgettable, and unforgettably sexy. In the nearly 20 years since Britney became a household name, she has released a ton of music videos Brit has released a music video almost every single year since Some of the videos have hit the mark and others have fallen a bit short. Honestly, narrowing it down to just 18 music videos was difficult because Britney brings it when she makes a music video.

Some of them feature Britney role-playing, because she loves to act.

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If Britney can play a spy, flight attendant, waitress, Old Hollywood actress, or what have you, Britney will. If it's a Britney video, you are also be guaranteed that there will be lots of dancing and lots of skin.

With a body like Britney's, the dancing and skin duo automatically makes her video hot hot hot! Whatever the reason may be, the below 18 music videos have stood out as Britney spears sexy song her all time hottest. Certainly not, but Britney looks gorgeous in the video, so we had to give it a shout out. Plus, it's iconic AF.

The video features Britney in a teeny red shirt because Britney doesn't wear full sized shirts, ever. She's also rocking some lace-up white pants that only she could pull off. Britney sings a song about a girl Lucky, who is a Hollywood star. But, girlfriend does look amazing as an Old Hollywood scarlet. Anyways, this video earns points for playing dressing up, but loses big when it comes to dance moves. Britney, give the people what they want. For this song, there are actually two videos.

The first is for the original version of the song. The video starts with Britney wearing a studded denim outfit and running away from the paparazzi. The studded denim outfit could only be described as the ugliest ensemble ever, but Britney Britney spears sexy song almost pulls it off.

Also, there has been a reoccurring theme of the paparazzi in all of Britney's videos. Moving on, Britney goes to a warehouse and starts doing her Britney moves. Then, she starts dancing in a room covered in posters of herself. The whole video is just In all honesty, it may be one of her worst videos.

The second video for this song was for the "Darkchild Remix" version. She rocks a see-through aqua top and bright pink bra, and it looks so good that it makes one think that Britney should always be in a see-through aqua Britney spears sexy song and bright pink bra.

She also has a dance party in the back of a limo, and she dances in an alleyway Britney literally grinds her wet body on the wet cement. Because the first video for this song was so bad, it cast a big, dark shadow on the Darkchild Remix. While Britney was dancing and wet, this video only comes in at This video is a snoozefest… but a sexy snoozefest.

We're a bit confused as to why Britney even made a video for this song, but she did and so we're here. Does Britney spears sexy song guy in America want to be the dude rubbing all over Britney? Britney on the beach is also hot in theory, but they could have done a little more.

Why isn't Britney wet?

156. “E-Mail My Heart” (1999)

This video may be boring, but Britney in a bikini is hot. Released inthis was about the time that Britney started spiraling. Sure, it may not have been yet, but was the year of the hour marriage so Britney was well on her way.

In the video, Britney drives a car into a pool, then dances on top of it. Britney spears sexy song Britney dancing on top of a car in a pool sold us. From there, Brit dances around in lingerie for a majority of the video.

A majority of the video is old black and white footage of Britney.

She wears a white underwear set while rolling around on the bed. Britney then goes out to dance in a teeny black dress and gets married. Also, she may be the singer who has worn the most pigtails in videos ever. Britney, of course, changes into a cropped metallic green tank top, because duh. That all seems very PG, but upon watching the video, one of her straps keeps falling down in a very come hither way.

It's seductive, in the innocent way that Britney was at that time. Mega points for her strap that just couldn't stay up. She wears a leather skirt and button down shirt. It's not her most revealing costume, but watching her play with the copy machine makes up for that.

Her next character is a redheaded waitress, rocking tattoos and a deep cut leather vest. Her last character is a chauffeur, who drives the car with one heel while seducing the guy in her back seat. She drive the car with one high heel, guys!

Oh, and all the while she also lies around Britney spears sexy song in a sauna and sings. We get costume Britney spears sexy song and naked Britney.

It was a total call back to the "Toxic" video, but it worked well. Britney didn't miss a beat and set this video at the circus.

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