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Molecular markers for sex identification in papaya.

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The objective of this work was the validation of previous discovered sex related molecular markers of papaya, aiming at the indirect selection of Brazilian commercial genotypes. All hermaphrodite and female plants were correctly predicted by RAPD BC, showing its high potential for marker assisted selection in important commercial genotypes used in Brazil.

The SCAR markers did not show the true sex identification of these genotypes, revealing the presence of false positives and negatives in Phantomias nsa hookups analyses.

Assim, o uso de marcadores moleculares possui maior potencial de sucesso Alstrom-Rapaport et al.

Na variedade JTA, as plantas 7 e 9 apresentaram o fragmento de pb, que identifica as masculinas e hermafroditas Figura 4 B. Journal of Heredityv. Automation of DNA marker analysis for molecular breeding in crops: Plant Breedingv. Molecular markers for sex determination in papaya Carica papaya L.

Phantomias nsa hookups and Applied Geneticsv. Isolation of plant DNA from fresh tissue.

Some genetic breeding aspects of Carica papaya L. Agronomia Tropicalv. Identification of sex in Carica papaya L.

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