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Benefits of practicing sexual abstinence

Abstinence & outercourse's pros are...

Teen abstinence consists of not engaging in sexual intercourse or sex play beyond hugging or light kissing. All teens are capable of abstaining from sex. Abstinence does not make a teen give up his or her sexuality, but is a healthy and responsible way of dealing with it.

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Even if a teen has already had sex, he or she can still chose abstinence by waiting to have sex again. Abstinence is the only guaranteed way for a teen to avoid pregnancy, and many teens find that abstinence has other social, emotional, and health benefits.

Safe Is Abstinence? What Are...

Over 50 percent of teens chose to be abstinent, and abstinence is becoming more popular. For some teens, remaining abstinent can be challenging. Teens who choose abstinence must be careful to stick to their resolve, because many who fail to remain abstinent are unprepared to have safe teen sex. If for no other reason than to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs, teen abstinence is a smart choice.

Safe Is Abstinence? What Are...

In addition to being physical, sex is also very emotional. Teens that participate in sexual activity are putting their heart on the line.

When one engages in any type of sexual activity both parties are opening themselves up to a whole new range of inexperienced, powerful emotions.

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