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More than 3, of the 8, employees at Schering AG, a German pharmaceuticals company in Berlin, are women. Not one of them has reached the management board, called the Vorstand.

Nor are there any women on its advisory council. The glass ceiling is secure at Schering, just as it Thick german women in almost every German company, according to middle-level female executives and social scientists.

Germany, the economic heart of the European Unioncan be a punishing place for working women. It is hard to understand which came first: The German perception that Thick german women are not executive material or the system that supports that notion.

And it is in the west, not the east, where the attitudes are the most backward and the system is the most intractable for Thick german women mothers--from a lack of full-time state-supported child care, to a school day that ends with a hot lunch at home at 1 p.

Fewer Thick german women work in Germany than in France, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, according to recent labor market statistics. Less than 4 percent of German women reach top management positions. She also said the German tax system is antiquated, discouraging women from working full time. Married couples file together, and those with a single breadwinner receive tax benefits over couples with two incomes.

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