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Tasmina ahmed-sheikh homosexuality in japan


There is no law saying anyone has to take Donald Trump seriously and until recently not many did, even his wives.

Replying to @TasminaSheikh. All MP's...

For most he represented the ugliness of American capitalism, admirable in its energy but unpleasant to look on in all its raw vulgarity. His current attempt to grab the US presidency was a vainglorious joke. There are always ludicrous candidates in the long, long sidle up to the White House. But on December 7th this week, that changed.

Overnight the pratt in the wig became a terrible threat not just to the US Republican Party keeping its hold on Congress, but to all we hold dear, including good old western values and democracy itself. He said, migration should stop until America could work out why Muslims hated the US Tasmina ahmed-sheikh homosexuality in japan much. His statement about Muslim hatred of the US was unacceptable to many news agencies.