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Most women like shaved balls


Trimmed is fine with me.

Originally Answered: Do most women...

So, I prefer that area to be shaved and the rest just trimmed is fine. Although if he didn't want to shave or anything that would be okay too.

It's his body so I'm not going to force my guy to do something to fit my preferences.

Natural is fine, unless it's super unruly and getting in the way. In which case a little trim is preferred. But I usually don't have that problem. The shaved look is my least-preferred, but it doesn't bother me either. As long as it's not a jungle down there I am fine with it. A little hair wopn't bother me because that's what makes a man a manly man. Shaved, hair in your mouth while you are giving head is gross! I do the same for him, so I expect the same.

I's say trimmed just cause it'd look neater but he'd still look like man. But that being said however he prefers is fine with me. Most women like shaved or trimmed. The rest depends on your body hair type. If you are a hairier guy, going clean shaven will just look dumb.

However, if you have no body hair, then clean shaven is probably more of an option. Although, I think simply being trimmed is a good safe zone since women from either side of the argument can usually accept or like that.

The main thing is to keep the actual working parts clean shaven, the shaft, the balls, etc. Then just trim the main bush. I ran a poll on this a year or two back. If I remember correctly, the top answers then were trimmed and trimmed crotch with shaved balls.

What Women Really Think About...

Barely any girls said natural and a few said shaved, though most girls agreed that shaved made them feel like they were sleeping with a prepubescent boy instead of a man while Most women like shaved balls made them feel like they were sleeping with a caveman. Yeah, the same didn't apply for women. While the majority of women said that shaved on guys felt prepubescent Most women like shaved balls them, the majority of guys preferred shaved on women, followed closely by shaped.

Personally, I like either shaved or shaped on women, though hair has to removed around the lips itself for oral. Do women prefer their guys private parts shaved, trimmed or hairy? The question is what it is I'm just asking because I'm curious Select age and gender to cast your vote: At which age you got your first periods?

Can I just shave my pubic hair? Guyshow much does your dick grow from flaccid length to fully erect length? Guys what is your dick size? Why am I suddenly so horny all the time?

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