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James bond sexual harassment


And maybe you didn't even notice it. From rom-coms that centre on a lack of female consent to sexist song lyrics, there are examples everywhere. Movies from the s and earlier can be particularly bad offenders, but James Bond still stands out when it comes to sexism and casual misogyny.

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In Goldfinger, his actions James bond sexual harassment incontrovertibly into sexual assault. When she tries to leave, he grabs her. She throws him to the floor, but then Bond does the same to her, lunging on top of her. She fights him off, but eventually succumbs to his advances, resulting in one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes on film.

Unsurprisingly, she feels coerced into dating him. This feels more like emotional blackmail than a heartstring-tugging gesture.

His plan to win back the woman who had rejected him by playing the piano non-stop until she gave him another chance was met with an outcry on social media. He eventually abandoned the idea after getting punched in the head.

Bridget has two love interests: The latter sexually harasses Bridget — and no one acknowledges it. When their relationship starts, he is her boss.

He "James bond sexual harassment" her sexually suggestive messages about her short skirt and see-through top.

When their relationship breaks up, he sidelines her in the office and mistreats her to the point that she decides to quit. This, in a rom-com. In this traumatic moment, he decides to hit on her. First comes a kiss, but when she backs away and heads for the door, he gets violent. He punches the door, grabs her, and pins her against the window where he kisses her again.

She eventually submits and the music and atmosphere change in a way that suggests that this non-consensual situation has now become a romantic moment.

He asks her, "say 'kiss me'," until she repeats him, telling him, "kiss me". He then asks her to say, "I want you," and she tells him, "I want you,", eventually seeming to enjoy the kiss.

A staple character throughout the...

No wonder that there are articles questioning whether this is a rape scene. This is all seen as very sweet, and Juliet — who is married to his best friend — accordingly gives him a kiss.

One of the most popular love stories in the hit series was between Khal Drogo and Daenerys. But what about the origins of their relationship? She "James bond sexual harassment" forced into marrying Drogo, was raped by him on their wedding night a recurring GoT theme before eventually falling in love with him. In this movie, Chris Pratt is one of thousands of passengers on a spaceship, asleep in hibernation pods.

Ted is frankly a stalker.

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He goes on a date with Mary in high school, and 13 years later, hires a private detective to track her down. He then woos Mary and lies about the stalking. In the meantime, the private detective also falls for Mary and tries to win her over - even drugging her dog.

In the end they're all exposed, but Mary forgives Ted on the grounds that his stalking was proof of his love for her: You be the judge.

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