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Fitness in the park san antonio

Cross Fit is an effective...

Getting started is easy! Just take a look at the current schedule below and find an activity that intrigues you. There is no registration required and classes are open to all fitness levels. With the rise in childhood obesity across the country, it is vital that children learn healthy habits at a young age. This moderately intense boot camp style class will teach children how to improve their health through physical activity, nutrition, and positive choices.

Every Thursday at 5: The class is specifically designed for adults of all ages and abilities. Bring a water bottle and your will power Every Thursday at 6: February 18, 25, March 4, 18, 25, April 1, Fitness in the park san antonio at 6: February 20, 27, March 6, 20, 27, April 3, 9 at 6: Supported by driving music, you will strike, kick, and punch your way through calories to superior cardiac fitness.

Fitness in the Park Schedules

Body Flow This class is a combination of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates Fitness in the park san antonio builds flexibility and strength. It will leave you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration, and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. Fitness Conditioning This class is a supervised exercise session designed to improve strength, power, build muscle and change body composition.

Southcross Every Monday at 6: Exercises are designed for parents with children ages 3 months to 3 years old. Zumba Ditch the workout and join the party!

Come try it out for free as part of Fitness in the Park at one of the classes below. Travis Every Monday at 4: Southcross Every Wednesday at 6: Malone Every Monday and Wednesday inside the community center at 6: The focus is on body awareness and short histories of the calorie burning movements.

Using community resources, the includes a monthly health and leadership workshop that focuses on physical, emotional, and relational wellness with tips for living a healthier lifestyle. Fitness in the park san antonio Thursday at 9: Walking Looking for a great fitness exercise that is good for weight management, cardio development, and muscle toning while being motivating, safe, and fun?

San Antonio Walks gives participants the opportunity to learn from experienced fitness walkers who have devoted much of their lives to this invigorating sport. They will share unique tips on technique and development, helping you establish your own personal or community walking programs.

More Fitness in the Park.

All ages are welcomed! In addition to walking, sessions will include discussion about proper attire and postures to reach the maximum benefit of walking, as well as visits from local health care providers to discuss overall health care. Every Monday at 6: Aerobics Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength routines. The goal is to improve all elements of fitness including flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio vascular fitness.

Come break a sweat to music and kick start your new health routine. Travis "Fitness in the park san antonio" Tuesday and Thursday at 4: Sessions include information from local health experts as well as additional exercise options. With its fast close volleys, it looks like table tennis on the ground.

An expanded Fitness in the...

This hybrid of tennis and ping pong table tennis is an exciting game with nonstop action. It can be played by people of all ages either indoors or outdoors. The scoring Fitness in the park san antonio is identical to ping pong and the only equipment required is a net, a ball, and two paddles.

Come learn how to play and get some great exercise that benefits your cardiovascular system, muscles, and coordination. Yoga Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength routines.

Travis Every Wednesday at 4: Kettle Bell Conditioning The dynamic, sometimes ballistic movements of kettle bell training will get your heart rate up, challenge every muscle in your body and may be so different from your normal routine, you might actually have fun.

If you've been doing the same workouts, kettle bell training can breathe new life into your exercise routine. Tai Chi If you're looking for a way to reduce stress, consider tai chi.

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