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Falling in love advice


Find your self-worth on your own. If someone is not right for you, end it.

So why do men fall...

Listen to the advice of your loved ones. But ultimately make all decisions on your own.

5 Seriously Important Pieces Of...

This will be a different amount of time for every single person. Compliment them on their physical attributes, but compliment them more on what you love about their personality.

When your significant other does something that upsets you, tell them. Give your signifiant other gifts that took you more than Falling in love advice seconds to pick out in a store. It will be a good reminder for you as well. Be as honest and as vulnerable as you possibly can.

Dedicated to your stories and...

Be awake and present in the small moments. Never stop doing this. Let them see you in your most natural-looking state. Compare them to know one. Appreciate them and love them for who they are as a unique individual. Share secrets with them.

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