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You can direct questions to specific people or Ask fm app store, or to groups of people. The questions can be asked anonymously, or you can opt to associate your username with a question.

Answers to questions are not anonymous and are identified by your username. Answers can be text or video, or text with a picture, or text with emojis little pictures, like smiley faces on mobile devices.

Unregistered users cannot ask—or answer—questions. Before you can use Ask. It will ask for your date of birth so that the company can comply with the Child Online Protection Act COPPA by assuring that everyone is or at least says they are 13 or older. This is to help find Facebook and Twitter friends who are also Ask.

You can follow someone without them following you and vice versaand once you follow a person, they are added to your friends list. You cannot see who follows you, Ask fm app store means that others can follow you without your knowing, though you have the ability to block specific people.

Parents might want to mention this to their kids so that they know that answers can be seen by essentially anyone, and that anonymous questions could also be from anyone since Ask fm app store can follow you without your knowledge. Note that no one can see questions in your inbox until they are answered, and only then will they appear publicly in your profile.

You can find friends and people to follow by linking Ask. By default, the question will be asked anonymously no one will see your username but you can uncheck the Ask anonymously Ask fm app store at the bottom to display your username along with your question. You can opt-out of receiving anonymous questions, so unchecking the box may be required for some questions you ask.

Any question you ask will not be visible to anyone other than the people you ask until at least one person answers it. At that time it will be visible on your profile. Everyone can see content on your profile. You can delete anything from your profile at any time. In addition to questions from friends Ask fm app store followers, the Ask. You can answer a question with text or by recording a video answer from your computer or phone.

If you type an answer, you also have the option of uploading a photo or other image, as well as using emoji on your mobile.

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