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Sexual harassment quid pro quo and hostile environment yancey


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a topic often met with either a snicker or an eye roll—it brings to mind a culture where inappropriate jokes and gender-based comments are the norm. But the reality of sexual harassment is serious, and it happens every day in our workplaces.

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Do your employees and supervisors understand what constitutes sexual harassment? Do you provide training on it? Do they know the difference between the two primary types: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Quid pro quo is the type of harassment that occurs when some type of employment benefit is made contingent on sexual favors in some capacity. For example, this might be a supervisor offering a promotion if an employee will meet his or her sexual demands.

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Usually this type of sexual harassment, by its nature, occurs between someone in a position of power and a subordinate. This is because the person in a position of power has the ability to confer employment benefits. Employment benefits in this context might include:. This type of sexual harassment can also occur when there is a threat of negative work consequences for refusing to confer sexual favors.

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