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How to get a fwb in college

How would you go about...

Results 1 to 23 of How would you go about getting a FWB in college? Respect the tags brahs. Definitely you have to talk to them and try to figure out if they're slootish or not, if you see that they are too prudish just move on to the next girl.

Is it hard to get...

Parties Gym babes Common interest groups Basically: Get off the computer and put yourself out there. Tinder is only 1 source For example, I met the freakiest girl of my life through a chance outing with some random Chinese dude who wanted me to speak Chinese with him. The girl with him told me that she wanted to try some crazy shiit since she was finally free in America, so I told her that I would be happy to be the first guy to plow her in America.

And plow her I did. She continued to send me nudes and begged me to take her anal virginity. Originally Posted by KizzaK. Originally Posted by samir Originally Posted by Fsharpasharp.

Originally Posted by Mirrors.

College is an interesting time...

Ok I got two questions: Is it hard to get a FWB just from talking to sloots in class? Does picking up sloots at the gym really work? I always heard that its best not to pick up sloots at the gym cause they came their to lift, not to be hit on. But I don't know how true that is. I always heard that its best not to pick up sloots at the gym cause they came their to liftnot to be hit on.

Originally Posted by smallasphuck. At a certain point you have the "dont wanna be bf gf" talk and dats it. I've been working hard, I've been searching for God.

Originally Posted by JohanXDash. Originally Posted by cheesecake Originally Posted by Rajc. Thats how I've gotten all my fwb.

Before you get naked with...

Originally Posted by Gaindowed. By TypicalGamer in forum Misc.