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My home, till two months ago, was on the banks of the Tigris. I was captured by Turks when on a journey to meet Persian sexy stories affianced husband, whom I had never seen. Our party was on horseback Persian sexy stories along the bank of the river when the Turkish bandits pounced upon us. There was a flash of sabres and a volley of pistol shots which dispersed my friends, and my horse was seized by the bridle and hurried to the bank of the river.

There was a boat in waiting which conveyed us over to the Turkish shore. I soon found myself an inmate of the harem of the fierce bandit who had captured me. There were four other women in the harem among whom I was allowed to rest and refresh myself with supper, though I could eat but little. The Turk then came into the apartment. He was a man of middle age on whose countenance was written the most brutal passions.

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I fairly loathed the sight of him and hoped I would soon be ransomed. He put his arm around me and attempted to kiss me, but I shrank from his embrace. They soon took everything off me but my chemise while the Turk himself stripped perfectly naked, and for the first time and under such uncongenial circumstances I saw the genitals of a man. They were excited by lust to a size which added to my plight. He again tried to take me in his arms, but I struggled so that my chemise was torn off and I cowered Persian sexy stories on the floor.

He bid the women hold me. Each of my feet and each of my hands was seized by one of the four and I lay on my back with my arms and legs stretched apart panting from my struggles. He got upon me and entered me with one fierce and brutal thrust which tore away my maidenhead with a pang of excruciating agony. With a tremendous effort I got my hand loose from one of the women who held it and seized the Persian sexy stories dagger which lay near upon the pile of clothing he had taken off.

The women all let go of me and the Turk jumped off before he had time to repeat his thrust. I sprang to the corner of the room in an agony of shame Persian sexy stories rage, ready to kill the first who touched me.

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