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Filipino wives in australia


Here at Down Under Visa we deal with partnersie. Australian Filipina couples with the intention of the lady from the Philippines to Australia to be with an Australian man. Sometimes a man and a man, and sometimes a woman and a woman. But most of the time, Aussie man and Filipina lady. Our role, as most would know, is getting Australian partner visas for the couples, as well as tourist visas for couples and family visas too.

And we want to see partner visa applications go all the way through, obviously. This is our job after Filipino wives in australia. Distance in relationships is a killer. Long distance tests any relationship. You misunderstand tones of voice and choices of words.

Insecurity gets the better of you. You WILL Filipino wives in australia each other!

Making an active study of your future life-partner is the most important study you can ever make. You came to the wrong country, my friend! Filipina ladies are a tough and resilient lot. Sweet and gentle with a deserving man, yes. Most of our Australian men sponsors are fairly gentle and sensitive characters often with a deep longing for a marriage for life which requires a partner capable of seeing this through.

When we DO see domination problems, more often we see the opposite of the above. We see spoilt girls who take advantage of soft-hearted menand we see these poor men trying so hard to Filipino wives in australia them every time they have a big tampo cross between a sulk and a tantrum.

Feminism has taken its toll, and many an Aussie man is fearful of asserting himself even when he should. BIG difference between being dominating and being assertive! Watch your tempers Filipino wives in australia your words.

Filipinos usually control their tongues, and outburst of anger and accusations can wound deeply.

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And again, make a study of the Filipino culture. Visit the FilipinaWives website and read! Take a few deep breaths before you say something you will regret later. Make sure you become and remain a man worthy of respect! And understand that her life in the Philippines is very different to Filipino wives in australia, especially in regard to families. Always put HIS interests ahead of those of your relatives. Always be honest and sincere with him. No lying, sneaking or manipulating.

Always talk straight, and not in riddles. Australian men are patient only up to a point. Be very aware of the stress and the worry that distance and partner visa applications will cause you both. Learn to control yourselves and to think before you speak. You should be helping each other and being THE source of comfort and support during trying times.

And be aware of cultural differences in how things are done and approached. And remember practical considerations like the need to go to work, and family responsibilities, and time taken to travel and stand in lines which can be very lengthy in the Philippines.

Family pressure can be intense too, and can be hard for Filipina ladies to deal with. And before you ask us to cancel an already-lodged visa application or to stop preparing Filipino wives in australia visa application, think very carefully. My usual practice is to ask couples to wait a week or two before confirming that they wish to pull the pin.

I would say 4 out of 5 times, they manage to work it out thank goodness. I have note that most of the points of view are toward an Aussie guy taking his girl back to Aus. Down Under Visa — kinda figures eh. I am interested in your perspective. I am an Aussie living here still touristabout to go for residency quota. Whilst not directly related to your business, I would love to hear how you have found having Filipino wives in australia pinoy wife and living here.

I have found the love of my life and we have been living together in Manila for around 7 months. Ive been here since Aug Can you share your experiences. I write articles on http: Most of these are aimed at established relationships, whether in Australia or Filipino wives in australia Phils. I took a hiatus for a while and had others writing some pretty excellent articles, but I feel like writing a few myself now. Jeff you are so right, long distance is very very hard.

We miss each other understatement and communication can be a problem, bad phone lines, poor connections for video facetime and so on. We have had to learn more than a couple together permanently, to support each other and understand each other much more through all this and we have become much closer and stronger as a couple because of it… And we cant wait for the day, hopefully soon, when we will be together permanently and even stronger because of what we have had to deal with.

To all the aussie guys going through this all Filipino wives in australia can say is, talk to your Filipina about everything, discussing is the key, feel each others emotions and support one another, learn from each other but ultimately love each other and everything will be fine. Your email address will not be published.

Want the latest in Australian Visa information? Just want to buy the book? Jeff Harvie is a professional Registered Migration Agent, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authoritya statutory "Filipino wives in australia" set up by the Australian Government to regulate the standards of the profession, and to give protection to consumers. They can help you to get an Australian partner visa from Philippines ie.

Will your Australian Filipina relationship last? The perils of long distance relationships Distance in relationships is a killer.

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