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Rev juan d mcfarland wife sexual dysfunction


He left his position as a Microsoft executive to start a megachurch in Arizona and travel the world with evangelist Rick Warren. It all came to an interesting halt when earlier this year, a couple in the church filed a lawsuit, Courthouse News reports, alleging McFarland told the wife to have sex with him with "God's approval" and divorce her husband. Derek and Jody Gallagher claim McFarland "breached his duty as a pastor and counselor when [he] began manipulating a vulnerable Jody for his personal, perverted sexual pleasures.

The Gallaghers' sordid Rev juan d mcfarland wife sexual dysfunction includes charges McFarland told Jody her husband was "dangerous" and convinced her to change her home's locks, sent her salacious and pornographic messages, exchanged nude photographs with her and manipulated her into having sex with him in the church building, even while he was offering the couple marriage counseling.

McFarland, meanwhile, is no longer employed at Radiant Church, and in fact, the church has scrubbed all mention of him from its website. While this has occurred, many of whom had their reservations about the Purpose Driven movement and its founder, Rick Warren, are now renewing their criticism. But Warren's critics have claimed his Purpose Driven ministry emphasizes only doing good, while dodging the kind of biblical repentance that is needed for a person - or a pastor - to have their life transformed by Christ.

The Purpose Driven Church model, or PDC, discounts the fear of the Lord, Warren's critics say, while encouraging pastors to become "masters" of their churches instead of servants. We just want to know when will some of the women in counseling with the pastors stop falling for the lies? If they are in counseling for their marriage Rev juan d mcfarland wife sexual dysfunction, don't they know that sleeping with the pastor will create another issue?

Doesn't a sound minded and adult person know that God would never approve of this? Do they have something in their hearts before seeking the pastor's help? We are not blaming the women per say but an adult woman knows right from wrong and can they really call themselves victims? The pastor can still very well be called out on his actions but the women need to stop falling prey or allowing the acts to occur.

The court found Juan McFarland's...

This does not please God. Read more on the specific details of the case HERE. Church News and Exposing the misdeeds of Leaders in the Church. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: Report a Church Scandal If you want to report a church scandal or abuse you know that is happening at a church or religious organization, please contact us HERE. Church Scandal Report's Take: Newer Post Older Post Home.


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We are posting it because Bish Bill Cosby Jury Deliberations Begin 1 year ago. Gospel Music Set Apart.

Pastor Juan McFarland (Photo/Flickr, Shiloh...

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