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Temper3k9 dating


This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. May 23, 1. I wanna change the names, but that never lasts long in tea threads lol.

I noticed that Temper3k9 dating and Temper don't seem to be cool anymore. I know Carter and Brittany broke up awhile ago, but Temper3k9 dating seemed to be cool for a hot second last year. Carter is with someone new now, this is her ig: Thanks x 3 Disagree! May 23, 2. Her abs are everything.

Temper3k9 looks just like Maxwell...

That's all I've got. May 23, 3. I want to know too, Seems like Brittany and Temper are dating. Brittany's mother hangs out with Temper a lot too. I notice that Brittany has been making her IG private most of the day, seems like it was because comments People left under that pic she posted with Temper and two others I think Carter is bothered Temper3k9 dating Temper and Brittany together, I noticed she hasn't been posting a lot Temper3k9 dating when Brittany posted this pic with Temper, Carter wrote this woe is me post about how her circle of friends is getting smaller, then she deleted.

Didn't she try to get back with Brittany and Brittany wasn't having it?

Why aren't Carter and Temper friends anymore Carter's new GF nose looks so Fake and redone May 23, 4. I thought Temper had another girlfriend. She was a more"regular" looking woman, but she was still nice looking.

I want to know too,...

I saw a video of her on YouTube. Anyway, lesbians and bisexuals, is this new woman considered an upgrade?

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May 23, 5. May 23, 6.

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