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Slippery slope examples yahoo dating


I think the main problem with the article is that it is very badly organized. Some aspects of Yahoo!

For example, there is way too much information on the history of Yahoo! Besides the "History" section, there is a section on important events in Yahoo!

The "Criticism" section should be near the end of the article, and it does not even mention the Yahoo! Research Labs" should not be under the "Important Events" section. Then you see a tiny "Yahoo! Next" section - it could be merged with Yahoo! Research Labs to make a "Future of Yahoo! Now, read the following two articles I wrote: Google Groups and Homerun. In the Google Groups article, the "Interface features" section is the most comprehensive.

In the Homerun article, the "Plot" section is the most comprehensive. If I read an article about a company, I would expect the most comprehensive section to Slippery slope examples yahoo dating the one about the range of products or services the company sells or provides. Could you provide some prose, rather than Slippery slope examples yahoo dating list? The Special One Might we also remove the reference to the link-word "mafia," as it adds no value to the article?

Agree with JLWS, and thanks for taking the initiative to point out the problem and willingness to help improve this page, i would like to help out as well but don't think i'll be able to write essays on major sections, instead someone can start any major topic and i'll try and improve it by adding content. There is not even a single mention of the all important Project Panama!!

Should that New York Times article really be linked? I Slippery slope examples yahoo dating want to just take it out -- thought I'd bring it up for discussion instead. I notice Urthogie has gone round lots of Yahoo!

Here's a definition, from an...

While I agree that some of them - such as Yahoo! Movies - are unlikely to ever amount to much, others - such as Yahoo! Groups - have significant scope for expansion, having significant historical details if nothing else. There are also some others listed and linked that are equally unnecessary, but which you haven't tagged. I therefore think a distinction should be made between:.

Perhaps consideration should go into which of the other currently-seperate articles should just be merged, and which we should hope to improve. I think all the contens regarding yahoo. Shouldn't the logo for Yahoo! Just as the one currently used in the website. It would be a good idea if someone Slippery slope examples yahoo dating manage to change the current logo with a better one.


Random anti Slippery slope examples yahoo dating thought! IT's highly entertaining to force on anti aliasing in uber old 3d games like quake lol Caleb09 My internet provider, a while back ago, changed its name to Yahoo! I really have no idea why, and we have GeoCities as our web hosting provider now gee, thanks a lot. And I still don't know why they did this, my ISP has changed names and affiliations so many times it isn't even funny: I am on a pacbell.

Funny thing is I've never seen anything about this in the media or press before they just dropped it on us with a three-month warning to "upgrade" yeah right our accounts to the SBC-Yahoo accounts. What was SBC's motive? What was Yahoo's motive? There is one odd reference to a blog entry. I think it should be removes.

Not really, the argument needs...

If the blog entry is not reliable, then try to find another reliable source. The blog entry may have been used as source by the editor and as such, must be left alone till another more reliable source can be found. If you can't trust the source, well, then the info may not be entirely accurate. Much of this article's sources is on the web. Good references will mean a reliable article. And please sign your posts. I've just finished working over the Alibaba.

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